Friday, April 01, 2011


just a fool

It's April Fools' Day, but there will be no jokes, pranks or jackanapes - just me! Haven't blogged in ages, so I wanted to make sure I got in on this action. Trying to make a blog post count.

Amid the various ups and downs of life and Spring upon us in full flower, there has been some knitting. However, my pictures kind of suck, so instead of doing the whole FO rotogravure I'll just hand pick a couple of significant items.

This is the "Little Glam Bag". Basic pattern is from the Not Just Socks book. The pattern's a bit futzy and whatnot, because rather than a simple eyelet row for the i-cord, you knit a casing for it and stitch it down. Totally worth it, though. I used about a half skein of Glam Sock in Hemlock, and I love it. It only took most of a weekend to finish, so by making a few more I could whittle down my sock yarn stash! Yeah, good mantra...rinse and repeat...

On a somber note, my dear friend Darla (she was married to my BIL Jonathan, who passed away in 1998) just began chemotherapy for breast cancer. I picked STR Lightweight in a beautiful colorway called "Sophie" to make a chemo cap for Darla. (And I love using my KISS stitch markers, which were a gift from trtlgrl!)

I'm not using a pattern, just winging it. 2 x 2 rib for 3", then stockinette stitch until it's long enough to begin the top decreases. Keeping the design plain because the yarn's so pretty.

Last but not least, I'm getting ready for spring & summer fiber festivals! I have lots of lovely baby alpaca & blends yarn in new colors. Here is "Secret Garden" (in Japanese, himitsu teien).

I gave the Japanese translation not to be a geek, but because I'm donating half my profits from the sale of this colorway to the Red Cross and designating the funds for Japan earthquake/tsunami relief. Here it is on a skein of Titanium Sock. Busy, yes, but if it helps, the color repeats are way short, so it shouldn't flash or pool.

Thanks to Michele over at PDXKnitterati for the banner!

Beautiful bag, I love the colour! Sending good vibes your friend's way, that is never easy.

Your secret garden yarn is gorgeous!!
Swipe away! I got the banner from eskimimi's site; she's the organizer of 2KCBw.

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