Tuesday, March 01, 2011


I always forget to remember stuff

Lately I seem to have the memory of a guppy! I finished this big ol' Pi Shawl before writing my last post, and clean forgot to include the photo.

This was taken before I blocked it, but really it doesn't look much different after blocking. There isn't any lace to speak of, just eyelet holes on the increase rounds. I kept it in stockinette stitch because of the high color contrast.

Here are the minutiae: Pi Shawl by Elizabeth Zimmermann. Yarn: Fleece Artist handpainted Bluefaced Leicester 2/8 (lace weight) in "Cosmic Dawn". I think I used a size 6 needle. Finished size is about 37" diameter.

Having never knit a round shawl before, I did a final increase round when I already had 500 + stitches, which meant that my knitted edging (Sickle pattern from Barbara Walker Treasury) came out looking more like a ruffle than lace edging. Which I rather like for the flirty effect, although it took forever and a day to finish! At the end of the day, I'm willing to overlook my rookie mistakes in favor of having a soft, cuddly, warm shawl that is also beautiful.

Here are a couple of pics from last week's road trip down to Medford and Ashland. I love this "Your Move" statue by the Ginger Rogers Theatre, downtown Medford. Snow was really coming down, but none of it stuck that day.

While I waited for the yarn store to open in Ashland, I walked around Lithia Park. So peaceful and gorgeous, even in late winter - I caught these pink buds about to blossom.

Somehow, 3 skeins of Manos Silk blend followed me home. I'm seriously far behind in photographing my stash yarn for Ravelry! I really should catch that up, because it's the only way I can see what I actually have.

I did have a mini adventure of sorts. I was driving a rented Kia Soul, which was a pretty fun rig - the only problem was that I got lost. You wouldn't think that would happen, because the towns in Southern Oregon aren't that big, but I figured out a way to do it. I got on the freeway heading the wrong direction, took the Mt. Ashland exit and followed the road that winds all around the mountain. Got back on the freeway, only to discover I was still going the wrong direction. I went over Siskiyou Summit passing all the semis and even saw a sign welcoming me to California before I was able to execute a course correction. Well...we can't knit all the time, right?

We arrived home late Friday night, and were greeted by my favorite couch potato.


Another year, another Yarn Crawl

The pace of my business has slowed down considerably, which sucks because I'm not earning, but it's better for family members who like to eat in the kitchen and not get chased out by me because I need to get yarn done. However, next weekend is the annual Portland Yarn Crawl, which is metro-wide fun, and I, Rosanne Roseannadanna I mean Stitchjones, have been invited to 2 area yarn shops! I'll be bringing selected items for a trunk show & sale - I've been busy creating some special surprises. So if you're local and wondering which shops to hit, come see me at Urban Fiber Arts on Saturday afternoon, and Wynona Studios on Sunday. Personal appearances, I loves them!

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