Friday, August 13, 2010


too busy knitting to blog?

Hello world! Another 3 week absence from my blog - but as they say, I do have an alibi. I've been knitting myself into a stupor! While I'm keeping busy dyeing, I have managed to curtail the mad yarn buying and focus on whittling down my stash - if for no other reason than I'll be able to justify more shopping sprees. Just between you and me, I blame the yarn companies. They keep coming out with new, nummy yarns and I just can't resist them...yeah that's it. You know what they say, addicts blame everybody else for their compulsions, right?

Anyway, here are a few things I recently finished.
My own design: Pontocho (Ravelry link).
3.5 balls of Berroco Comfort in Orchid made the solid color version. I love it - wore it all around Seattle last weekend (will get to that later). Soft, comfy, slinky, warm yet breathes. Comfort is the nicest acrylic I've ever worked with, and it so happens I have more in my stash and want to knit it into this, in a solid color throughout, of course. If I were going to do that fancy ass patterning, the last place I'd want it would be around the bustline. But that's just how I roll...waddle...whatever.
I love this! It's Buttercup (Ravelry link) .
The so on and so forth: 10.5 balls of Baby Bamboo in Jellybaby ("Jellybean" for us non-Brits). Size 4 needle. Mods to the pattern: I didn't care for puffed sleeves, so instead of changing needle size and doing the decrease row, I just knit 4 rounds even, then worked the garter stitch edging. I have the world's shortest decollete - there is virtually none to speak of between where my neck ends and cleavage begins! So I did extra rows along the neckline. Could have done a few more; my bra still peeps out. Other than that, the fit is great and the fabric is so drapey and fluid...I feel like a princess in it! Sort of.

I managed to turn 2 strikingly different dye lots of the same color yarn into a serviceable item. 3 skeins of Royal Llama Silk made up this rather cool, unisex scarf in double moss stitch.
Not sure if I mentioned it in a previous post, but I do have a vendor space at this year's Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival, and wanted to have some handknit goodies to offer for sale.
Note the dachshund Beanie Baby on the mantel behind Britney. Michelle gave him to me for Mother's Day.
Last night I cast on for another scarf - this one may be a kid or tween version, because I'm using a OOAK skein of 200 meters. I also have 2 other scarves OTN, which really need finishing, also a shawl, 2 pullovers, 2 pairs of socks, oh and a cabled wrap...
Before I pick up the needles again, let me fill you in on how I spent last weekend! It's always a special treat to see the Holy Triumvirate in concert. They kicked so much ass, are pushing 60 yet show no signs of slowing down, and for these and many other things I love them so very much. All 3 of us - Mr. Stitchjones, Totally Awesome Daughter and I - got into our glamourous Kia Rondo and drove up to Seattle for the show. Now when I say "Seattle," yes we did go there and have dinner at our niece and her husband's restaurant in the Fremont neighborhood, before the show. However, the concert venue itself, White River Amphitheater, is in actuality nowhere near Seattle. To quote one of my favorite films "Thelma & Louise," "it's not exactly the middle of nowhere, but you can see it from here." Driving there wasn't so bad. Getting out though, was a nightmare. A solid hour just to get out of the parking lot. The things we go through for our favorite band!
Rather than drive all the way back to Portland in the wee hours, we stayed at a motel then joined Valerie and Nate, the owners of 9 Million in unmarked bills, at their awesome place for brunch on Sunday morning. I am so proud of these kids! And I never thought the day would come when I refer to 30-year-olds as "kids". Valerie is my brother-in-law Mark's daughter.
It's supposed to be sizzling in the 90's today and for the next 5 days or so! Time to brew some iced tea. Stay cool out there, my dears!

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