Sunday, July 23, 2006


A series of fortunate events

Here is another ensemble du bebe of which I am rather proud. The sweater is Daisy from Knitty, made in the pattern-recommended Butterfly 10 cotton, and rather than embellish the garment with applique, I decided to keep things simple and add little daisy buttons. The hat--very different colorway showing up in this photo than in the actual item--is from the first Not Just Socks book. Yarn: Mountain Colors Bearfoot--left over from a pair of socks I knit last November.

Now here is a bad photo of the WIP I displayed in my last post. I'm usually not so easily swayed to do something different at a point where it's too late to start over. But I couldn't resist a fellow knitter's suggestion while I was knitting at Lint to stop where I was (the English lace in the yoke) and switch to another color in yarn the same gauge, as I was concerned about running out of the hard-to-find Kairo. So in the face of seeming irrefutable logic, I took the plunge and switched to Rowan Cotton Glace in black. I've knit the front of the garment almost up to the beginning of the English lace, and my plan is to make 2 identical pieces and do the picot edging around the neck and armholes in the black. It'll be a higher front neck than I had planned, but should still be cool enough to wear through the heat of August and September.

My DH said the color change didn't look like an afterthought (17 years of marriage has taught him something!) but I won't be fully convinced until I actually have the thing finished, blocked and on. No matter how it looks, though, I'm still gonna wear the thing! It has been a Hell of a lot of knitting.

Saturday, July 08, 2006


Another UFO sighting

Here's the Lace Blouson from Summer 2004 (I think) Interweave, with a couple of notable exceptions: I omitted the eyelet row for the silk ribbon above the lace at the bottom. I just wanted something loose and comfortable--the eyelets look great if you have a defined waist, but my body has become a Joan Rivers joke* (before she became the obnoxious sideshow freak that she now is, she was quite funny.) I also shortened the length to compensate for the fact that there won't be any "blousing" (if that makes sense before 8:00 am on Saturday) to this blouson.

*"My thighs are awful, thank God my stomach covers them."

Anyroad, the yarn is something I picked up at Stitches West in February, a mercerized sportweight cotton called "Kairo" made by Steinbach Wolle. It looks like I'm gonna be lucky to get this thing made with 10 balls, which is the entirety of the bag I purchased. Bad news, story of my life, this yarn is gonna be tough to find if I need one more ball. But feckit, I'm too far along to frog and I have a skirt which will go perfectly with it. So...grrrr.

Sharp eyes will see the blatant mistake I have already made, the obvious jog in the vine lace, but this is the back of the garment, I've appeased the goddess, and I'm going to soldier on.

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