Saturday, November 06, 2010


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Halloween is over, and it's that curious season in the stores where the Halloween candy and decorations are still around, often piled in grocery carts at fabulous discount prices, and the Thanksgiving and Christmas trappings prominently featured. A friend observed that Thanksgiving seems to be about football and overeating, and not much more these days. Perhaps that's true. In our case, we eat the traditional type feast and have football on TV; the three of us typically spend the holiday weekend with Jason's family in Spokane. And if you're a regular reader, then you know how much I enjoy being around my charming brother in law (almost as much as I enjoy kvetching about it). This year, though, we're going to do our holidays a little different. We'll stay right here for Thanksgiving, and I'll cook our holiday meal. My mom isn't up to hosting or cooking, and my brother is having his own celebration with his friends. He seems to be adjusting to singlehood better than I hoped, which is great. For Christmas, though, we will make the Spokane run, and get together with my side of the family when we get back. I'll try to be gracious about the ordeal of the trip, I will - I promise! If I get whiny, feel free to remind me that pain in the kiester in-laws are nothing compared to how sweet my husband is to me. Thanks in advance, goodly readers!

I'm dubbing this time of year "HalloThanksMas". Last weekend being Halloween, I actually dressed up, which I hadn't done in a few years. Pulled a costume out of my *ahem* the night before, is more like it, but whatever - I wanted to be dressed up because a special trick-or-treater was coming over! Isn't she cute as bugs knees? Her name is Hazel, and she's 16 months. She seemed to enjoy wearing her garden gnome costume. Here we are with Hazel's mommy, my friend and webmistress Rachel.

I haven't done the blogging thing lately, so it must look like there's been no knitting going on. I assure you there has, just not a lot in the way of finished items. One thing I've discovered a new obsession for is sock knitting. No, I haven't learned Magic Loop, 2 at a time, one inside the other or toe-up. (My apologies to Judy of Magic Cast-on fame - she's a good friend, and whenever she sees me knitting socks she tells me I'm doing it backwards. Someday I'll learn your technique, Judy! Pinky swear!)
Nope - what I've discovered is cozy socks I can make in two hours, and fabulous yarn to make them with. I've fallen in love.

These are called Yeti Socks, (Ravelry link), and they are made with Jarbo Garn Raggi, a heavy worsted/Aran weight yarn that is soft and comes in great colors. I bought two balls of this purple mix yarn, made a pair in the medium size for a charity project - and completed the pair with only one ball. I immediately ordered more yarn to make a pair for Michelle. It looks like several family members will be getting these for Christmas! If nothing else, they're great for wearing around the house or to bed when it's really cold.
Another groovy thing about this yarn, is that you can order it online here and through the magic of Shopatron, a yarn retail stockist will ship it to you. In my case, it was shipped from right here in Portland. Not bad! Beats running around town if you know what you want.
Here's another contribution to the charity knitting pile. Totally accidental Argyle-ing! It's the My So-Called Scarf pattern on size 8 needles and Rio de la Plata hand dyed wool. It's similar to Manos del Uruguay Wool Clasica, but a little softer, I think. It's almost done, so I'll photograph the scarf when it's blocking. The argyle stayed pretty much regular, then veered off at the perfect point for the back of the neck, then picked up again - it's a miracle! Or a mackerel. Or something.

Duty calls, my friends, so I must sign off - you probably won't be hearing from me for a couple of weeks. As it turns out, long story, but we are on for FiberMania in Southern Oregon next weekend! Totally stoked - I've never been to that part of the state, and my friend pdxyarnho is going to be there! However, I've got considerable dye work ahead of me if I'm going to be ready to get on the road next Friday.
Until next time then...happy knitting and spinning to one and all.

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