Monday, February 21, 2011



If you're looking for clever knitting, I'm sorry to disappoint, but you won't find it here! I put together some bits from stash and became completely mesmerized by the color combination. Without another thought, I cast on and began knitting.

I held together a fingering weight and laceweight, used size 11 needles, and didn't look up (almost) until I had a light, floaty garter stitch scarf about 60".

So taken was I with the brighter-than-a-thousand-suns red that I forgot to slip the first stitch of each row for neatness. It felt rather like coloring with yarn, so I went at it like a preschooler and didn't worry about staying inside the lines.

The yarn backstory: almost a full skein of Curious Creek Fibers Wasonga sock yarn, and gorgeous handspun laceweight by Kathleen of Busy Digits. Kathleen spun some Wensleydale I had dyed, and plied it with a shiny nylon thread. I really love the pairing of these two yarns.

Jason and I are heading down to Southern Oregon tomorrow for a couple of days, combining a business trip with a bit of fun. I plan to hang out in Ashland, visit the yarn shop of course, and knit. This time I'll remember to bring my camera!

What a bright cheery scarf! Very effective in the garter stitch! Have fun on your mini trip :)
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