Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Not all bad

Thank you for the kind, supportive comments from my last post. It means a lot to me, and I'm feeling better. Went to the doctor today, and we discussed things I can try to help with the pain and anxiety. Maybe they'll work, maybe not - a doctor visit was a good first step though!

Despite the encounters with Grinches I talked about last time, there were some pleasant moments over the past few weeks. Here are a few.

This is one of the views at Spence Farm. The little rodentlike creature on the right would be Jimmy.

Both dogs loved being able to roam, explore, and play in the snow. At least they had this opportunity to do so. I gave Toki Dramamine and pulled his food the night before we left, and also before the trip home. It didn't seem to help his motion sickness, although his having an empty stomach was easier to deal with. I still want to be able to take my doggy places, so I will try other remedies the vet's office suggested, such as a certain pheromone he can be given to soothe and calm him. I forget the name of it now. Ginger doesn't work because I can't get him to eat it.

I love this pic of my 3 cute guys!

I discovered that in Spokane there are no longer any places to buy good yarn other than Paradise Fibers. They were, of course, closed Friday and Sunday in addition to Christmas Day. That nice shop on the South Hill, A Grand Yarn, appears to have gone out of business. I knew Toki needed a sweater while there, so my only option was Jo-Ann. I used 1 ball of Stitch Nation Alpaca Love and a small amount of a second ball to knit the chest piece. It seems to fit him well.

Here is one of the gifts I gave my mother-in-law, the Feather and Fan Circle Wrap from The Naked Sheep Knit Shop's blog. I used most of a skein of Mushishi wool/silk blend. Mom seemed to like it; she had just bought herself a teal sweater that matched the wrap.

Not sure what those mysterious orbs are on this picture, other than maybe a dirty camera lens - but here is the zip front cardigan I made for my brother, in Imperial Stock Ranch Columbia wool.

Pretty good fit, and he can wear the shawl collar up or down. He was really happy with it, and so was I. You just can't beat those Knitting Pure & Simple patterns. Drove myself about half crazy trying to put in the zipper with a knitpicker - the method is outlined in the Winter 2010 issue of Interweave Knits. After several frustrating hours and colorful swear words, I gave up and stitched the zipper in place by hand. Should have tacked it down better at the bottom; easy fix, though.

And that's mostly how I'm keeping my loved ones warm this winter!

LOVE the sweaters and the wrap, very pretty! Toki is looking very happy with himself in his sweater! The scenery is beautiful. Too bad you couldn't find more yarn stores there! Glad you are finding some answers with the doc's!
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