Monday, June 07, 2010


still here, if a bit shaky

Thank you all so much for the kind thoughts regarding my family situation. I am now past the initial shock and have entered a kind of anger-alternating with grief- phase. The good news is that today I spent a lot less time crying or even thinking about it. My brother went out of town for the weekend, which I think did him a lot of good. He says he's doing well, all things considered, and that's the best I can hope for. My life is pretty much on hold until BSG, which is coming up rather quickly - and then I'll be able to help him with moving or whatever he needs.

I made another pair of Zimmermann baby leggings last week. I happen to love color pooling, and I think it came out pretty rad on this project.

This time I used Fibranatura Aspen, an 80/20 blend of superwash merino and cotton. It's worsted weight and very soft. Found some Baby Cashmerino in almost that exact shade of pink, and plan to make a little coordinating cardi to go with the pants. I'm almost through with my baby clothes knitting jag - it's so much fun!

Also finished a pretty lace scarf. The photo sucks, but that's because I took it while it was blocking. I have a better photo which is still in the camera.

It came out to a bit longer than 50" and took 2 balls of Stitch Nation Bamboo Ewe, a soft & shiny yarn from Jo-Ann. I got the pattern from the Northwest Regional Spinners' Association newsletter.

Stitchjones' First Sock Club
I dyed up all the yarn last week for the Community Sock Club, and it was a hit! This was a great sock club - I have so much yarn that I don't join these clubs, but for this one I made an extra skein that I got to keep. Along with the knitterly goodies such as yarn, pattern and stitch markers, a sumptuous luncheon was held at Gino's Restaurant in Sellwood, and I was invited to attend as a "guest dyer". I felt so honored! Not only was the pattern designed by Kristin Spurkland , but the club members seemed to really love the yarn color. Because I'm not sure if everyone who is in the club got their yarn yet, I won't post any "spoiler" pictures, but if you want to see the pattern it may be on Ravelry under the designer's name. I finally met Kristin as we were seated at the same table, and we may collaborate on a future project - something I'd really enjoy.
I seem to be having recurring bouts of insomnia - at least, trouble falling asleep - so last night I didn't get to sleep until 3:00 AM. It being Sunday, I slept in until noon today. I don't really like doing that, because I feel it wastes too much of the day. However, it rained so long and steadily today that it was a good day to climb back under the covers! I even dozed off in the late afternoon. Anyway kittens, since I'm still going through some emotional stuff I think I will turn in, and try to sleep more than my usual amount - I probably need it.

Love the leggies and the scarf! Glad you are getting some much-needed rest for yourself. When all the clubbers have their yarn, will you post a picture of it? Pretty please? Is it an exclusive or will you be offering it in your shop?
Thanks Kiki! I definitely will post a photo next time - I'm sure that will be ok. I'll check with the sock club co-ordinators about the exclusive colorway; perhaps after a time they might allow me to sell it.
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