Sunday, May 02, 2010


knitting something fabulous (I hope)

...but I can't show it to you just yet.

Here's a sneak preview though:

The yarn is Noro Taiyo, which I just love. It's a nice soft cotton blend with hardly any twigs in it. I'm not ready to divulge any more info about the project except that this is my own design, it's almost done (!!), and now I'm looking for the perfect solid color yarn to knit another one. Suggestions are welcome! Here are my criteria: a) it must be a cotton blend with little or no wool, b) Aran weight preferred because I'm knitting this on 8's -- I almost always go no bigger than a size 7 needle when using worsted weight, ) and c) inexpensive! The Taiyo, while a great yarn, is pricey, so I'd like to offer another yarn option that's more affordable and in a solid color to showcase the stitch pattern more effectively. I had a look around Knit Picks' web site but didn't see anything that I thought would be good--however, that doesn't mean much because I hardly ever buy Knit Picks yarn. So if you've tried something I might like, please tell me about it in the comments.
OK - gotta go finish this sucker!

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