Saturday, May 15, 2010


it's a boy!

and no, he can't speak up - he's a little horse. :) Sorry, couldn't resist. But hey, great news! A beautiful colt came into the world at about 1:00 AM (Friday night/Saturday morning). I'm working on getting pics (more about that later), just wanted to share that I'm a grandma-sort of.

The photos are still in Michelle's camera. She's exhausted, having driven straight through from Spokane and only stopping to drop her friend off at home, so hopefully we can get them uploaded tomorrow. I saw them though; he's got these long white legs and brown spots on his coat, so he's definitely a paint, and it looks like he will grow to be very big. His name: Liddy Buck. I would never have known that that's a nickname for Lindsay Buckingham, if not for my daughter's passion for 70s and 80s music. Yes, in this family it's all about the music!! At first I was like, "aw come on". I mean we all loved Fleetwood Mac's Rumours, however it hasn't been 1977 for quite some time so let's move on! But when I thought about it some, you know what? It's really not a half bad name for a pony.

Liddy Buck...I rather like it.

Am whipped because we got up very early and went down to Scio for the Lamb & Wool Fair. Which was kinda fun. Not only was it a beautiful day, but also there was the quintessential small town parade going right down Main Street, past the hall where the fiber arts show and spin-in was being held. I haven't been to a parade like that in ages! Antique tractors, Shriners in mini cars, rodeo princesses - total Americana. Had no idea all this hoopla was going to happen, otherwise I would have brought my camera. Anyway, I'm going to turn in - will be back as soon as I have a slide presentation!

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