Tuesday, May 11, 2010


it's been lovely, but I have to scream now

This afternoon was spent working on the last 42 skeins of a never-ending order...although I love my customers to tiny bits, I do need to learn to cap orders and open new ones, for the sake of my sanity. One more dye session and the whole shebang is finished. Anyway I'm working away, and with the steamers going, the kitchen gets rather swampy and the process tends to turn me into a giant ball of sweat. At those times I become a different animal...not simply engrossed in the work; it's more like yeah, I'm nasty and my back aches, but I'm in the zone-don't bug me! I don't answer the phone. I'm not quite ready for human interaction until I'm finished, the kitchen is swabbed and I've showered.

However, because campus is close to home, TAD (that's Totally Awesome Daughter, as I referred to her last post) comes home between classes to eat. Here's the exchange.

TAD: What's for dinner?
Me: Haven't figured that out yet. (continue working)
TAD: I need something to eat.
Me: OK, but can you maybe take a sack lunch next time you have morning and afternoon classes? I'm right in the middle of things here.
TAD: Gee, I'm sorry to be such an inconvenience. Imagine wanting something to eat in my own house!
Me: (silent, suppressing the oft-uttered response that the kitchen is...my...studio)
TAD: Toki pooped right in front of the door. When I opened it, it got smeared.
Me: Well, could you clean it up? I can't deal with it just now.
TAD: (huffs) I have to go back to school!! (Just to be clear though, she did clean it up.)


So you see, in this house, being 19 means "I'm an adult, you can't tell me what to do" and also, "you still have to take care of my needs". Nurse? Nurse??


She and her bff are going up to Spokane tomorrow. Yes, I worry because it's the longest road trip she's taken on her own. However, it's an exciting event for her and I wouldn't want her to miss it. Last summer, my mother-in-law bred her mare, Irish, a beautiful reddish paint horse. The foal is going to become Michelle's horse. I did not know that it takes 11 months to make a baby horse! Well, it does and the birth is imminent. It would be thoroughly awesome if the kids got to witness the delivery. I'll keep you posted and share whatever pics I can!

Back to the dyepots...

young adults, an oxymoron! love them to pieces, anyway...
Ah yes, I had this similar conversation with a friend today, same frustrations, so you are not alone! How exciting about the new foal!! Oh, and did I mention you are a yarn goddess??
Aww thanks Kiki!

yes, my daughter is what my mother in law calls a "twister" but I love the spit out of her anyway.
Ah, yes. The teenage years. My soon-to-be-13 year old trotted out this old favorite yesterday: "I didn't ASK to be born, you know! It's all your fault, so you can just take care of it!" I refrained from pointing out that every child in the history of the world has tried that one, and, to the best of my knowledge, it has never once worked.

It didn't for him, either: I still grounded him until the toxic waste dump that is his room is cleaned up.
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