Tuesday, May 18, 2010


going a bit Andy Rooney on your hiney

Is it just me, or does Monday seem to be getting way more than its share of hate mail these days? I mean, something must be up with that, because an inordinate number of blogs and Facebook posts begin with "Dear Monday" and then go on to name various body parts that Monday is invited to suck. Now it isn't as though I haven't had many starts to my week that were effed up to say the least. It just seems that the whinefest is louder than usual, and in Monday's defense I have to say that it never promised you sunshine and noodle salad. And if you think Monday done you wrong, just look what it did to John Travolta. Seriously, that man's life the past few years has been cruelly tragic. I do feel sorry for him, but I admit I'd feel worse if he weren't rich and Scientologist. Yes, I know I am bad but really, I'm just trying to make you feel less bruised about Monday. No need to thank me, I do what I can.

The truth is that I don't have much going on right now. I finished a couple of big orders and am waiting for yarn to do smaller ones. While working on adding to inventory for Black Sheep, I did a couple skeins of an inexpensive wool single ply with an acrylic thread wrap that I call "Crinkle Worsted". I love green and am exceptionally pleased with the results here. All the different greens reminded me of a veggie patch, so I named it "Jolly Green". The yarn is quite soft, too. I think it would be great as a cowl, hat or scarf.

I've been spending more time on knitting. The second Pontocho is almost half finished, and I also finished a pair of man socks for Mr. Stitchjones. The yarn is Dream in Color Smooshy and the colorway is "Tea Party". I used an ancient Ann Norling pattern for wide wale rib socks; I think I've lost my actual copy and I just wing it now. They make really comfy socks that stay up and aren't too tight.

X-treme closeup of the color intensity variations and stitch definition.

Last Friday evening, J and I went to Tamera (Tammy) Bremer's reception at the Alpern Gallery in N.W. Portland. I wish there was something to link; however, the gallery's website has been down for a while. I was amazed at her works. Not only were there the nude self-portrait rugs hooked in laceweight alpaca yarn that I dyed for her, both front and back view (!), but also, hanging in the front window were two gowns consisting of handfelted baby alpaca top that I dyed in ecru. The felted top was attached to a flesh tone tulle backing, so the whole effect was see-through and the theme was "nowhere to hide". There were other things in the exhibit too, that both defy description and pertain to the artist's life in a very personal way. I was blown away that the most random and clever collection of objects could all say about the creator, "This is who I am". And I am very proud to have taken part in it. Purely to brag on myself- indulge me or not, as is your will - on the list of thank-you's, "Sharon Spence of StitchJones" appears directly beneath "Tina Newton of Blue Moon Fiber Arts". That was an ego shot, and I totally mainlined it!
I really enjoyed working with Tammy, and we discussed collaborating on another project in the future. I never could have been part of this if I hadn't made the decisions which I agonized over a few years ago...so it's all good.
And what blog post would be complete without a picture of Toki? He sleeps on a crumpled old bathrobe of mine, which is where Buster used to sleep. :) I was trying to sneak up on him but he wasn't going to be fooled. Note the custom gnawed bed frame - one of these days I really must do something about that...

Ever since my kids started school, Monday has been the new Friday. I love Mondays!
Personally I always hated Wednesdays more than Mondays, something about the middle of the week just bugged me.

Yummy green yarn, it looks very smooshy! How exciting about your collaboration! Good for you!!

Toki is a chewer...just like my killer shih-tzu, never did cure him of it...looks so comfy on the bathrobe!
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