Monday, April 26, 2010


manic monday

I just gave myself an ear worm! Now I've gotta play that whole Bangles song in my head. "It's just another manic Monday...wish it were Sunday...cause that's my fun day..." Make it stop!!

I was at the skeinwinder several hours this afternoon, and although it's nice to sit down and write a blog post, break time will be short 'cause there are basins of soaking yarn all over the kitchen needing dyed. My shipment of Titanium Sock finally got here last week, so I'm hauling arse to get caught up on orders.

But before I get too far along, I have to show you something that will melt your heart.

This is Leeloo. She is a 9 week-old Yorkie with a smidge of Silkie Terrier. Is she not the sweetest baby?!
Leeloo belongs to Tami. Last Friday they came by for a visit. Tami and I sat on the floor while Leeloo and Toki checked each other out. Toki did his usual running up and down, and Leeloo mostly stayed right next to her mommy, but she was curious about Toki and had some playful moments. Toki settled down a bit and sweetly lay down on his side, outstretched his paw and the two puppies just touched paws for a few moments...precious. Now Toki has two girl friends, Leeloo and Lily.
Shawl knitting complete. Here is my Multnomah (Ravelry link) or as I call it, "Maltnomah".

First, the hot sheet: I used just under 2 100-gram skeins of Mountain Colors Mountain Goat in "Gray Wolf". Which yielded only 7 reps of the fan & feather border pattern. I considered doing one more rep but the amount of yarn I had left was iffy, and I decided to play it safe. Check out this blog post by Yarnhog and the reason behind my decision will be clearer!
And to explain the deliberate mis-spelling of "Multnomah": in a previous life, somewhere in the 1980's, I was madly in love with a raging alcoholic and sometime poet. He was originally from Chicago but lived in Seattle when we were an item. I met him through friends here in Portland. When we went to Renner's in Multnomah (now "Multnomah Village" because it's about the shops and galleries, you see, and not just a place to get hammered) my paramour dubbed the district "Maltnomah". Renner's is now a restaurant, but back in the day it was a tavern with a back room called "The Suburban Room". Clever drunks that we imagined ourselves to be, we re-named it "The Subhuman Room". Ah, memories. Yeah, I didn't do much with the first 30 years of my life. My experience can attest to the fact that life does indeed begin at 30!

OMG that doggie is just too cute!! She and Toki will have to have another play date!

Beautiful shawl! I love the colours, they are gorgeous!
That two timing little dog! :) Isn't he a lucky guy. Leeloo is a cutie and Lily will share Tokie.
Thank you dear Kiki, I am always inspired by your beautiful knits and crocheting!

LOL Tammy! You're right, Toki is a bit of a playa :)
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