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Know how many sweaters I have on the needles? Go on, take a wild guess. If you said "5" you win the bagel dog at Noah's! Aww, except that they're fresh out. Srsly, I went to Noah's NY Bagels this afternoon specifically to get my bagel dog on, and they were all out, so I had to settle for a turkey deli sandwich.

But anyway, yeah, I've got five unfinished sweaters. To be fair, one's a camisole, and another one just needs sleeves. Even so, these little quickie projects--and not so quickie small projects--keep distracting me from finishing big pieces of knitting. Here are a couple such.

Last week it was warshcloths; this week it's chemo caps. I did manage to knit this one yesterday all in an evening. It's the Lace Slant Hat from Ravelry.

Had just enough Malabrigo left over from my poncho to knit this. It's a bit snug for me, but then again I still have my hair. It's for a friend who has to face more chemo. Bev, who is a member of a fiction review group I used to belong to, had breast cancer about 18 months ago. She underwent chemo, then surgery and follow-up radiation treatments. Unfortunately, the cancer returned and it is in her liver, bones and lymph nodes. Last week I went to dinner with Bev and a couple other gals from our group. She is as upbeat and pragmatic as one could possibly be under such circumstances. She wants to get out and enjoy life as much as she can before having to be sick, so we had a grand evening and lots of laughs. I'm raiding my stash for the softest, cushiest yarns I can find to make more caps. And I have a shawl for her queued up, too.
I also dipped into my Stitchjones inventory for socks.

Just a plain basic sock for Titanium Sock in "Four Green Fields". I love green, and I like the flashing and semi-regular skinny stripes the short color runs made. However, I have something of a sock curse going. I know damn well I should have cast on 72 stitches with size 0 needles. But duh, I cast on 66, so they're snug! I'm blocking them to within an inch of their lives. Actually, the second sock has been cast on but it's waiting until I get the hat knitting out of my system.
And finish one frickin' sweater...

Beautiful hat and socks! You will get your sweaters done, I have faith in you!

I have a case of the 'startitis' myself...too many great patterns out there...that's my excuse anyways...
Snug socks are better than loose socks. Hopefully they won't be too snug.
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