Friday, February 19, 2010


Oh no she didn't

Forgive me for that post title, I have been watching way too much RuPaul's Drag Race.

I wanted to create some dyed yarn that expressed my inner drag queen--just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I don't aspire to turn it out like a runway diva!--so here is a colorway which is probably a giant FAIL except for those who adore screaming pink (like me). I kettle dyed some 100% merino sock yarn in a light to medium peach. Then, in what felt like a bold move, I poured hot magenta over it and didn't mix. Here's the result.

Tentative colorway name: "Hot Mess".

Playing with color over the last week has yielded some more new colorways for the year. Here are a few.

"Jungle Love"

"Storm Large" (I didn't put this one on Facebook because my daughter would get furious; she hates the Stumptown chanteuse but I think she's the berries!)

OK, this was really an experiment that despite the bad picture, looks kinda cool. I wanted to see if I could create yarn in all my favorite colors of eyeliner. The result is decidedly masculine, so I wanted to call it "Guyliner" (if you don't know how smokin hot eyeliner looks on guys, go here)
but thought it might be confusing to some. So I'm going with "Preppy Goth". It feels safer.

Settling down and being a good little dyer, I also tried to express my fondness for green, in a non-St. Patty's-green way, even though it's named "Four Green Fields" after the classic Tommy Makem ballad. (I'm not Irish but I did grow up in Boston; that ought to count for something.)

It's Hemlock, Forest, Sligo and Chartreuse laid out side by side in short repeats.
Sound The Hallelujah Chorus
I finished something!

I love it. It's an ancient Fiber Trends pattern by Lily Chin, called "Charlotte's Easy Lace Shawl". Blocked, it came out to about 26" depth--not a huge shawl, but those take way too long and I get too bored to finish them--and 72" wide at the top. I used 4 balls of Queensland Bebe Cotsoy in Plum. The cotton/soy blend is so soft and light. I'll be putting it up on Ravelry soon. I'm not doing the Ravelympics thing, but if you are, good on ya!
Tomorrow's another spin-in, this time at the Aloha Grange--it's 1:30 and I'm still in my nightie, so I'm outta here for now. Pictures of a much more grown-up Toki to come.

I LOVE your pink mess! You're right, guy eyeliner can be rockin'
Love all the new colors! I wonder if Tami will like the Hot Mess. ;)

The shawl is pretty and I can't wait to see pictures of Toki.
The blue, the blue, the blue! I love it. And the hot mess, too.
Love the new colors! I'm always a fan of blues, and the Four Green Fields is beautiful :) and the Hot Mess is a fun color with a great name!
Jared Leto (lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars) looks superhot in eyeliner!

I think Hot Mess and Guyliner are outstanding!
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