Wednesday, February 24, 2010


making like D.B. Cooper

...just dropping in, that is!

This week is turning out to be busy, but deeply satisfying. I delivered two orders, one for 40 skeins of worsted superwash merino for a LYS and the other for 5 lbs. of alpaca fiber dyed in flesh tone (which is more challenging than one might think)!

Day before yesterday, Sara gave me a hand with reskeining the worsted, and brought her adorable little boy Connor. As you can see, even tiny tots know good stuff when they see it. ;) He was practicing saying "YARN" while helping us pack the finished skeins for delivery.

We had a local spin-in last Saturday, and it was well attended with beautiful weather and lots of vendors offering the best stuff. I couldn't resist this skein of laceweight (and I almost never buy laceweight, because of the time factor). I ask you, have you ever seen anything more gorgeous? I literally spent a good long time just admiring the skein.

It's 100% merino lace from The Cupcake Factory. I'm making it into a Citron shawl, and so far I absolutely love knitting it and watching the colors unfold. Doesn't it look like a sunset?

Drum roll please
I'll give Neil Peart of Rush (the greatest rock drummer in the history of the world) a break, and just tell you that inspiration has struck and I can't wait to see if it will pan out as I envision it. Basically, I want to try my hand at making and selling hand dyed, beaded yarn. Oh yeah.
Snooty boutique yarn makers, watch yer arses, here comes Stitchjones! ;)
I got the proverbial wild hair in my turban and jerry rigged a way to thread seed beads onto the yarn without having to buy a special needle, because the local bead emporium was sold out. All in a single afternoon, I was able to go from not having any idea how to proceed, to this.
It was just a test run with yarn I had on hand to see how many beads would be involved, and how much of a time and cash investment would be required. It'll be some work, but it's doable, and I'm on fire to get some skeins made up and see what folks think. A cone of lovely merino/silk worsted weight is winging its way here from lovely Kennebunk, Maine, and I've picked out the beads, so next week I can get under way.

Brothers from other mothers
And finally, here are my naughty boys, Jimmy and Toki.

I'll be back sometime next week with an update. Haven't been watching the Olympics, although from my friends' Facebook posts it looks pretty exciting, and some of the news headlines make me sick. Mr. Stitchjones is in Colorado this week visiting customers, most of whom are school administrators, and then I heard there was another school shooting in Littleton. He's fine, he wasn't anywhere near it, but jeez louise. How do these kids get the damn guns!? That's bad enough but it's really just the tip of the iceberg. President Obama on the right track tells people that kids need their parents to turn off the TV and video games, listen, care, and make them do their homework. And of course, that got him called a Communist by some. Before I get mired here, I'll just say that school violence is a tragic societal ill that Washington can't fix, but families are in the best position to prevent. I'd love to know what you think, not necessarily about this issue but about anything that's on your mind. If you read my blog, please leave me a comment! You know who you are. ;)

Your shawl reminds me of a dreamcicle! Very nice. Look, I'm commenting!!
Beautiful shawl!! The puppies are too adorable too! Good job on the beading! That looks pretty labour intensive...isn't there a way to do it with a small steel crochet hook? (again, crochet hooks rule, LOL)

Little Connor is obviously a genius of exceptionally good taste! ;)
I'm excited by the beaded yarn! Not a fan of stringing the beads myself ;) and I'm excited to see what color combinations you'll come up with.
Love the laceweight too! Have fun with the beads!

Sad about the shooting. I think parents, not laws, are the best anti-drug/violence/etc. The toughest gun laws won't prevent violence, ask the UK. But good parents can do a lot! While I wonder if Obama still likes communists like he did in his youth, that particular message is very non-communist! lol.
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