Saturday, January 16, 2010


Sometimes sleeves won't wait

Have you ever been knitting something that was coming out so cool that you wanted to tell the world, even though you thought you would keep it a complete secret so that when it was completely finished you could whip out this stunning masterpiece at the next knit night that nobody even knew you were working on, and all your friends would be blown away?...anyone? Bueller?

*sigh* I guess it's just my head that needs work, then. (Which was never a secret.)

But seriously, you guys, look at my awesome glitzy bolero sweater! All I have to do is give it sleeves, weave in the ends, sew on the buttons, and steam it--I'm not going to wet block, I have a feeling that will make it grow too much--and it's good to go!

Here are the down and dirty details. Feel free to skip this part. For me, the blog has taken the place of that "Knitting Journal" I half-heartedly tried to maintain about 10 years ago pre-blog and digital camera. I knew people who actually put photos of their finished projects in those books, along with detailed notes and yarn samples, can you believe that? I think it was only in the last 5 years that I became a "real" knitter, whatever that means. And I consider myself still learning.
But I digress. Here, then, are my Knitting Journal Notes (to make me feel better)
Project Title: Glitz Happens Bolero
Pattern: Women's Neck Down Bolero from Knitting Pure & Simple
Size: 36" (will get to that later)
Yarn: 9 skeins Southwest Trading Company Yang (MC) a wool/bamboo blend with a sequin thread wrap
2 skeins Southwest Trading Company Yin (CC) a lusciously soft wool/bamboo DK to light worsted weight
Needles: Size 8 (body & sleeves) Size 7 (ribbing)
I found the yarn on sale at The Naked Sheep Yarn Shop and had to have it. I bought one skein of each, started knitting with it, and immediately called the shop to make sure I could get enough for this sweater! If you look up the pattern on Ravelry, someone has made it out of Yin & Yang, and I thought it would be spectacular in the blue. It is a pleasure to knit, I'm having about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on, and it's not even done yet!
You may be wondering who this is for, because if you know me you know I'm a big gal. If I were going to knit something for myself with sequins, I'd do a scarf or maybe a shawl. And I like my sweaters long, so boleros are out. Well...I have 2 slender, beautiful sisters-in-law. Annette is married to my brother Rick, and Darla was married to Jason's brother Jonathan who passed away in 1998. But she is still my sis-in-law, and a great friend. I don't think it's the right style or color for Annette, and I'm not sure if Darla would like it, so I have to give it some thought. I'm considering donating it to the local UU church auction which is held every fall; however, handknit items tend to not bring in much money and I have to admit, I'm kind of attached to this project. I'm mulling it over. All I know for sure, is that I love sparkly yarn whether it's metallics, beads or sequins. However, I'm way too lazy to do bead knitting; I want that part already done for me!
In other news...I've come up with a slogan of sorts for Stitchjones in the new year/new decade. It's called "Rockin' a little harder". I have 3 new sock colorways in the works, which I expect to unveil in about a week, and when you see them...provided they come out looking close to what I envision in me head...the slogan should make sense!
Now I need to talk a little bit about Haiti.
I have had to stop watching TV news coverage; it brings me to the verge of tears every time I let myself think about the morass of poverty, disease, violence and death. Forces of good willing to help but there's barely a way into the country right now because of the devastation. We donated what we could afford as a family, to the relief effort. I am part of a global knitting community of extremely generous souls. The Yarn Harlot has been spearheading Knitters Without Borders, knitwear designers are donating part of their proceeds to disaster relief, and local folks--not just the fiber network--are doing amazing things. This is Portland, Oregon, USA--Grass Roots Central. As a fiber business person, I feel it is incumbent upon me to do more, to follow suit. However, right now I'm not in a position to do so. I absolutely would if I could, though.
There is also another concern that is vying in my heart for that "price of a skein of yarn", or percentage of sales of a given colorway. It's something that was recently mentioned in Letters to the Editor of the local newspaper. It's a need right here in America, and I imagine relatively few people are aware of it.
Click here if you'd like to read about it.
As more help is able to get into Haiti, I am hoping that a lot of the violence and disease that threatens to become widespread will abate. I give thanks for all that I have, and I can't say enough that I appreciate those who actually read my late night ramblings. If blogging is the cyber equivalent of open mike, I'm pretty sure my time's up for tonight!

Pretty bolero, whomever gets will enjoy it I'm sure!

As for helping out more for Haiti beyond your family donation, you could do a special colorway and charge a $1 more for it for the next three months and have that money go to Doctors Without Borders or some place else. You get to get your creative on and still help. Wouldn't have to be a whole bunch of skeins, just call it a limited run of the special colorway. Just a thought!
I read your first paragraph nodding my head. Of course we do! And it looks like the bolero will be gorgeous. I'm into sparkle, too.

So nice to see you yesterday at Twisted!

Do you have actually have guitar picks, by the way? I was inspired by the back of your shirt; it would be an awesome mix of my fun to play my guitar with a yarnie pick!
thanks for the nice words about my sweater ladies!

Tami - thank you for the suggestion. Although other dyers seem to have the same idea


you have given me a rough idea of what I can do that will work best for my personal preferences and for Stitchjones.

Michele - I'm glad for running into you at Twisted yesterday! I thought about doing guitar picks with the Stitchjones logo. Now that I know a musician who knits, I will revisit that plan, if not this year, for the next Sock Summit!
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