Monday, January 25, 2010


in case you were wondering

I just wanted to confirm that the children's home "Marichka" in Ukraine is really real. Jason wondered if I was perhaps being solicited by a bogus charity, because it does happen, but even before I received a detailed email from Elena the needlework club director, I felt it was true because I was being asked for craft supplies, not money.

Elena told me that there are over 100 children in the orphanage. Many of them are from alcoholic and/or poverty stricken homes. They have plenty of donations of food, clothing and toys, but there are more kids who want to participate in crafts than there are materials available. In addition to yarn, needles/hooks and beads, they would like fabric and cross-stitch kits. Among these kids are some budding designers, and this impresses me down to the ground. Elena also sent me some very sweet pictures, which I would like to share with you.

Top: Darina and her little sister ; 2nd from top, Marina
some Needlework Club projects

Needlework club group photo

Stitchjones Stuff

A busy dye schedule has kept me from finishing any of my knitting projects--I've even had to set aside the sparkly bolero! Although I'm glad to be busy, I don't think I've even introduced my new yarn on the blog yet. I have been looking for a great Bluefaced Leicester wool, and I've found one that is superb. It's called Kensington BFL Aran, and it debuted on Ravelry and Etsy last week in a half dozen kettle dyed colors. Put ups are 100 g/181 yards. The stuff is so soft and shiny, I can't stop petting it! I only got in two cones to try, so all of this shipment is dyed and/or spoken for--however, I will be getting in a larger quantity next month.
Because I'm having trouble manipulating photos in Blogger, I'm unable to display the new yarns here. However, Kensington has its own category in my Etsy shop; to see all the colors, click here.

As a customer driven indie dyer, I as always welcome inquiries and custom orders. In case you might be thinking about a sweater's worth of this luscious yarn, I give a volume discount on 5 or more skeins. Just a little food for thought!

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