Friday, January 08, 2010


2010 Knitting

Here I am again, with pictures of knitting projects that are close to finished. First up is a pair of man socks in a plain 3 x 1 rib, with Kroy sock yarn. Mr. Stitchjones likes solid, muted colors, and boy is this color meh! I try not to think about it too much, that I'm a dyer with "Color Goes To Eleven" for a slogan and I knit socks for a husband who likes only the plainest colors and styles. Kind of like being a gourmet chef cooking for people who will eat only bologna sandwiches. Oh well, he's my man and I'll knit anything he likes.

Anyway, I haven't decided whether this yarn is brownish gray or grayish brown. "Taupe" I guess would be the closest, although on the label it lists the color as "Flax".

Whatever. I'm now on the heel flap of the second sock, so these should be finito soon.

I'm not much of a cable knitter, but this Caera Cowl (Ravelry link) had me at hello. I bought several skeins of Alpaca With A Twist Highlander with a gift certificate from one of our many LYS. For some reason, the color refuses to photograph accurately; it's a pale celery green that I think is very pretty although it looks greyish green in the photo. Maybe because of the black background. The yarn is so soft and comfy, I'm tempted to keep the item but I'm sending it to my MIL. She's in Spokane where they have longer, colder winters than here, and she hinted at wanting me to knit her a cowl. I'll also send her my copy of "The Friday Night Knitting Club" which I think she'll enjoy.

Cable action closeup. Although this is the most intricate cable pattern I've ever knit, it really isn't that hard. Making my Loppem gave me a chance to practice cables.

Because my fortune told me to flash them colors, here is a new sock colorway for the new year. "Blackberry Sage" was a colorway I did on fiber last year. Two of my knit sibs spun up fiber in the same colorway and made gorgeous shawls. I think the colors look pretty good on Titanium Sock. I'll be offering lots more fiber colorways on yarn, and vice versa, this year.

That's about it for now as far as yarn and knitting. I have other things in progress, including several projects I'm completely stoked about, but I'll save them for another time. Here's one last photo, which is captioned by guest blogger Toki.

Oh hi, ladies! Did you miss Toki? Here I am. I may be little but there's plenty of my kisses and snuggles to go around. In this photo I am keeping Mommy's favorite chair warm. I've had a very busy week. Yesterday I tasted Alpaca yarn for the first time. Yummy! Sometimes I don't understand Mommy but she seemed kinda mad. Today she bought me some little rawhide chew bones to keep me busy. They're good but I would rather chew on her hands, feet, ankles, brand new slippers, and anything that is soft and belongs to Mommy. She told me I have these little things called "testicles" and I had better enjoy them while I can because they're coming off very soon. I wonder what that means...

Photographing colors of various projects/yarns can be very frustrating! There's a Rav group called Yarnographers that has links on how to make an inexpensive light box. I just haven't gotten around to doing it yet. Really should because I'm rediscovering that pain of photographing during the winter months and trying to get the true colors and not using flash.
OMG, Toki is so cute and funny at the same time. Thanks Toki for the laugh! We really need to get you and Lily together soon for a playdate. She looks like she might be twice your size though. I think you would have fun with her. She gets her last shot on Tuesday this week, then I think she can play.

Oh, and Sharon, I love Blackberry Sage! It's very pretty.
What pattern are you using for the socks?
Hi Jessica - the sock pattern is an old Ann Norling one called Wide Wale Rib Socks. I've used it so many times I have it memorized...lol
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