Friday, December 11, 2009


holiday spirit

Today for the first time, I felt some holiday joy instead of pressure to spend more than I have and do more than I'm able to. I'm unable to explain exactly what changed--but that's ok; I'm enjoying a good mood and don't need to examine it too closely!

I won't be giving handmade gifts this year. It's too late to start anything now; I have a lot of things on the needles but very little knitting time. I just delivered a sock yarn order today and have many skeins to get finished, shipped and/or delivered by the end of next week. It's good to be busy though; maybe that holiday spirit is the possibility of enough "jingle" to buy a couple of special things for my dearest loves! Mr. Stitchjones would love an iPod, and I would love to buy it for him and also a digital camera for Michelle. She hasn't asked for one, but I know it's something she'd like.

I found a free pattern for a Bow Knot scarf/neckwarmer and knit it up in just under 2 hours. The yarn is Cascade 220 Heathers in a color I liked when I bought it last February, but when I pulled it out of the stash it looked ghastly to me. I much prefer wearing this as a headband, even though it gives me a Miss Piggy look. What the hell, it was good for sh*ts-n-giggles last night with Michelle!

Jason is heading home from Cali tonight; thankfully his flight gets in early because it's supposed to snow overnight. Readers outside the Pacific NW--we've been in the deep freeze all week here in Portland, Oregon, and a storm is headed our way. I just pray it won't be as bad or prolonged as it was last year. Man, that was brutal. Then Monday morning, he and Michelle are going to L.A. for a couple of days. He has customers there to visit and now that finals are over, Michelle plans to amuse herself hanging out on Hollywood Blvd, hoping to get discovered I guess. During the first half of the year, she wrote sketches and plans for a TV comedy show with animated spots; now she's writing song lyrics for which her dad will compose the music. She and her friend Sara are very into "Electro" which is re-warmed 80's synthesizer rock/pop music, and neon colored makeup, clothes and jewelry. They've formed a band, and believe me I tried to talk the girls out of this, but they're calling themselves "Digital Twat".

I sense some of you pulling away from me. What can I say? She's 19. All I can do to ease the sting is to show you a photo of the adorable Toki catching up on a few Z's.

Hope you're enjoying your holiday preparations!

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