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I realize that for just one week, this is way too much yarn for me to have purchased. Necessity is forcing me to curb my stashing. All I can do is use the "b" word--budget. As in setting one and enforcing one and therefore never having fun ever again. Of course, time was when I felt that way about drinking, which I no longer do. But the question is, was I really having fun when I was finishing off two bottles of wine and passing out?

I'd much rather talk about the yarn than how I was 25 years ago; it's far more enjoyable. And if it ain't obvious by now, I'm nothing if not a pleasure seeker!

Good ol' Lamb's Pride Worsted, in the perfect Cartman hat colors. For a wacky friend of Michelle's.

Enough DIC Classy in Absolute Magenta to complete my February Lady Sweater.

Boring Subtly colored Kroy sock yarn, to knit another pair for Mr. Stitchjones. Of course I clean forgot my knitblogging friend's discovery, that the yardage on these is a scant 162 per ball, which means I should have bought 3 balls instead of just 2. Thankfully, it's readily available!

Drool inducing Malabrigo Worsted in "Oceanos". I fell so hard for this stuff that they practically had to pick me up off the floor of Knitting Bee. Can you envision the Clapotis I could make for my mother-in-law? I get choked up just thinking about it.

Heading to Spo-Compton tomorrow. I'm still planning to go to Paradise Fibers, but I am making a solemn promise to be good (spending-wise; there are no guarantees about in whose shoes Jimmy might "accidentally" poop) and only buy things needed to keep Stitchjones rolling...like dye. And Gawd as mah witness, I won't be going to any freakin' malls! This marks the first year where I am eliminating "Christmas shopping" as I have known it all my adult life. Not that I plan to make many gifts, as time is short; I just hate with a passion the fact that so much emphasis is on the retail aspect of the Christmas season, especially in these lean times, and I feel pressure to go out and do things I quit enjoying some time ago. I never go to department stores like Macy's and Nordstrom anymore, and so to please those on my list who really like stuff from those stores, I'll have to rely on my creative inspiration. Not necessarily knitting. I think my folks will get stuff like postage stamps, maybe a gift card to the Olive Garden, or whatever I can come up with to minimize their need to go out as they're both in their seventies and being a passenger with either one is terror inducing. I realize I could shop online at Macy's or Nordstrom, but doing so makes me feel like an unwilling participant in some sort of diabolical Christmas-shopping-department-store-artificially-generated-happiness machine. Or maybe I'm just getting older and more befuddled. It's just that there's something undeniably appealing about being able to get gifts at the same places I get groceries!

Rant over. I wanted to natter on some more about knitting, but I'll cut it short because Michelle wants to use this machine for audio uploading EVEN THOUGH SHE HAS HER OWN DAMN COMPUTER dang there goes my evil twin again.
Love to all. May your Thanksgiving be filled with love, joy and peace.

A couple of suggestions on a gift for the 'rents: how about adding a movie channel to their cable? Or better yet, a NetFlix subscription. I did a 2 CD subscription for mine a few years ago and they love it; just have it added to my credit card. Another idea, if they like computer games, is a subscription to bigfishgames.com; $6.95/month I think and they get 1 new game per month to download and keep forever.
Mmmm, Lamb's Pride. What a great staple that stuff is! Love it.

Classy: also wonderful.

And that Malabrigo? The color is awesome. Great choices!
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