Tuesday, November 17, 2009



...bridesmaids catch the bouquet.

...perpetual losers win.

I've worn my share of ugly bridesmaid dresses and never caught the bouquet, and while I can't call myself a perpetual loser, I'm certainly an infrequent winner. I'm not grousing (much) because *some* things in my life are going right; I mean hey, I've got the world's greatest husband and a beautiful, talented, smart and kindhearted daughter, right?! Still and all, I won a lovely prize in a contest, which makes it incumbent upon me to gloat!

This plum ruched fabric knitting bag with lavender piping, magnetic closure and velvety black handle (don't I sound like Johnny on Let's Make A Deal?) is from Lantern Moon and I won it in the October photo contest at the Twisted website. The theme was "Animals and Knits" and I posted this picture of the adorable Winston wearing a Stitchjones original.

My daughter and Winston's owner have since had a falling out, and now they are not on speaking terms other than to mutter "skank" at one another should they happen to run into each other at Jamba Juice, but dang, Tess's puppy was cute!

Be that as it may, I love my prize, and of course when picking it up at Twisted, I bought enough Dream in Color Classy in Absolute Magenta to finish the February Lady Sweater I started a couple months ago. It'll be a good project for the upcoming slog trek to Spokane for Thanksgiving. Last year I stayed home to dye yarn, so there's no weaseling out of it this year. Please pray for my self-restraint, so that I won't assassinate my waste of skin brother-in-law. While at Twisted I also cleaned them out of white pear tea. My mother-in-law enjoys that, so I will brew us some of it for when we have our pumpkin pie.

Show 'em what she's knit, Johnny!

Recent FO's: a Simple yet Effective shawl for the UU church Shawl Ministry, knit with about 650 yards of Patons Classic Wool in 2 different shades of brown. It blocked out to about 33" deep and 60" wide. The side edgings are not I-cord; the photo's not good enough to tell where the stockinette and garter stitch bands are, but I finished with about 1" of stockinette stitch, and it rolled rather nicely, creating a built-in edging.

I loves me some color pooling! I finally knit up that skein of STR Lightweight in "Backstabber". This will be my last pair of plain vanilla socks for a while; I'm working on some lace socks right now and have downloaded great patterns and planned out my sock knitting agenda right up through January.

"WTF" Photo of the week, or Michelle in disguise

Just had to post this picture of Michelle being Michelle. She is a huge fan of the British girl group Robots in Disguise. Being a skillful makeup artist, this was her getup for Halloween, along with a vintage black lace dress (think Morticia Addams).

That's all the blog fodder I got for now, good people. The KISS concert in Portland is happening right now, I mean *this very minute*, and I am not there...sigh. Trying not to think about it. Into the kitchen for a bit of dyeing now. I'll get in a post before we leave next Wednesday.

Congratulations on your prize! That is a very cute bag...and a very cute puppy.
Did I miss it last night? I hoped that you'd bring that bag to show off. Congratulations!

Somehow I ended up over at the Loopy Ewe's blog and saw a post about the Traveling Woman shawl. She had one done in red and I was thinking, looks great but would look better in Sharon's Crimson!
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