Sunday, November 29, 2009


Early Christmas

We're back from Spokane, and it is oh so good to be home! Not that all of it was bad; the weather was cold but clear, and being away from home gave me extra time to knit so I finished a couple of projects.

This is the Beginner Sock pattern from Knitting Pure & Simple. It uses worsted weight yarn. I'm excited to be leading a workshop at The Naked Sheep Knit Shop this winter for these beginner socks, using my own Stitchjones Dyepot Worsted. Here is a class sample in the colorway "Salmon Dave".

It took a couple months, 6 balls Rowan Kid Classic in "Tile"--a tangerine orange which I think is a discontinued color--and 1 ball Kid Classic in red for the sleeve and neck trim--but I finally finished my St. James.

There are no words for how much I enjoyed knitting this, and the yarn! Great drape, soft and comfy, even if it is extremely warm. I need the kind of cold snap we had a year ago--without the snow, thanks--in order to be comfortable in it. At my mother-in-law's house, the heat always seems to be up around 74, which is too warm for me. I went around all weekend in T-shirts and tank tops. And all day today on the drive home and since we arrived at 4 pm, I've been zooming around like Moses on a motorcycle doing mountains of laundry, unpacking and what have you, and I've been feeling feverish! I took my temp and it was normal, so I'm not sure what's going on. Hopefully not the onset of flu; I feel fine otherwise.

One more note about my sweater; necklines still give me fits. It's a sort of modified boat neck and is quite wide on me, since I'm basically shoulderless. I'll just have to adjust the undergarments so straps won't show. It could also benefit from some blocking, as the neck trim is a bit floppy and needs to stand up more.


Mystery Date With Mystery Wool

I forgot to show you this last time I posted...I got some undyed mystery wool yarn in a swap. I think it's Wensleydale handspun. There are lots of broken ends, but there's about 350 grams, enough to make something, and it has a nice hand to it. I tried to handpaint it in Mulberry, and the dye sort of broke up and it came out looking kettle dyed a la Malabrigo! The photo is horrid; it's much prettier close up. I won't be selling this, as the swap was part of the Shawl Ministry--it'll probably end up becoming a shoulder shawl.


Ooooo-kayyy! Those of you who are friends with me on Facebook probably already know this, but my Christmas wish came true on Friday. Meet Toki Wartooth*. He says to please call him Toki.

Toki is a PomChi; his daddy is a beautiful fluffy Pomeranian and his mom a smooth coat Chihuahua. He's 7 weeks old. There aren't enough A's in Adorable to describe him--he is the precious baby I ached for since losing little Buster. I happened to find him on kijiji.com and had to bring him home with me.

The adoption story: Toki was born on a little farm in Spirit Lake, Idaho. Out of a litter of 4 babies who were all different colors, he and his sister were left. The 2 puppies were being offered at a very good price, as homes were urgently needed for them. The lady who sold him to me met me in Post Falls, Idaho, about 35 minutes from Spokane. I had Jimmy with me in his pet taxi, because no one was home at my mother-in-law's and I didn't want to leave him. It was kind of weird; the lady gave Toki his booster shot right there in the freezing cold parking lot of a truck stop off I-90! She was going to give him the wormer as well, but he started drooling a lot and I just wanted to get him to a warm house, so I said we'd take care of it as soon as we could in Portland.

She drove away with her daughter, the little girl puppy and $120 in cash--and I then realized I had absolutely nothing for the poor little guy. I was away from home and definitely needed to pick up a few things! Necessity and a slim budget (there's that word again) dictated a stop at the Wal-Mart in Spokane Valley. I put Toki inside my zip front hoodie sweater and took him into the store with me. While getting a pet carrier, training pads and some toys, I didn't realize it but Toki had become nauseated from the vaccine and decorated my sweater sleeve. Here I have to stop and say how nice all the Wal-Mart employees were that I came in contact with! On Black Friday no less, the busiest shopping day of the whole year. Amazing. A young man led me to some paper towels and water so I could clean off. Then in the checkout line, the cashier took the time to remove all the tags from the carrier and wrap a training pad around the bottom so I could transport the puppy safely. I never expected that kind of customer service from Wal-Mart and I later called the store manager to let her know the cashier did a great job. Even the customer behind me in line was really nice and patient! I realize that part of this extreme widespread good will had to have been in direct correlation to the cuteness of my puppy, but who am I to be picky!?

Fortunately, my MIL loves animals and she was the one who encouraged me to look at the ads. Little Toki settled in very well at "Grandma's house" and for a tiny one who's been through a lot, he is doing fine the first night in his new home.

*"Toki Wartooth" is the name of a Norwegian guitar player in the animated show Metalocalypse, which is a satire about a fictional Scandinavian death metal band. Being a huge fan of Spinal Tap, I think the show is hilarious. Jason, Michelle and I deliberated for an entire day over what to name the puppy, and Toki was the only one all three of us could live with!

Now to catch up on some extremely overdue dye work. Tonight I'm a very happy knitter and dog owner, and I hope the Thanksgiving weekend brought joy to you all too.

Welcome to Toki! Glad you have a lovely little bundle there. Welcome home, too!
Toki sounds a lot like Loki. Cute! More puppy breath running around. You'll have to being his cuteness to spinning. ;-) Puppies can never have too much socialization at that age.
Very cute puppy!!! I found your blog through Ravelry when I found the Mini Knitting bag ornament pattern. I posted about the ones I made on my blog - I hope that is okay.
Thanks everybody! He gets cuter every day. Tam--of course!! Thanks for coming over to the blog.
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