Thursday, October 15, 2009


Say Yeah!

Now I don't have to kvetch anymore about Wally Mart being so dang far away, because my friends trtlgrl and pnwbookgirl (aka Rachel and Tami) went on a fiber road trip this week and hooked me up with the new KISS album! Oh but it is smokin hot. Well worth the wait. Thank you so much, ladies. Stitchjones was tooling around in her badass Kia Rondo all day, visiting customers in Vancouver and NoPo and rocking out the whole time.


Someday I shall have a new hat

...but today is not the day.

I do love this hat design, even if the top decreases are wonky. It's from a Leisure Arts booklet called "Cabled Accessories". I used up another ball of my mega-stash of Galway wool, and followed the pattern directions for the adult size...on US 4 dpns. Hmm. It's a very warm hat, to be sure, but if I were to make it again on size 6 needles, I'd probably have a hat that fits me. I just need to find someone with a head that my Le Suck beret and this hat will fit, and it would help if that person also needs some hats.

1,2,3,4/Hey, look me over/Tell me do u like what u see?

Did you just flash back to '84? OMG, weren't our clothes dumb? Seriously, I have been hearing "Baby I'm A Star" from Purple Rain in my head all day. That is, when I wasn't listening to KISS. The reason is because today I was invited to hold a dyeing workshop for a knitting guild, make a personal appearance (and do consignment sales) at a yarn shop and also teach a beginning sock class there this winter featuring my Dyepot Worsted yarn. I can't divulge any more info right now, however as things become more concrete I'll be Facebooking about it like mad crazy. It made me feel important, valued, recognized, appreciated...aw hell, like a star! Who knows, if this keeps up, maybe someone will ask me to sign her spinning wheel. Then I'll know I've made it. (wink)

In the meantime, there will be lots and lots of this.

Eh...I've had worse!

You wanted the best, you got the best! LOL, glad you finally got your KISS fix!

What exciting news about all your teaching and stuff! You will be busy for sure!

Don't mind me, I'll just be breaking into your house to steal all those skeins of beautiful yarn.. :)
Oooh, pretties!

I haven't done a good label/card design yet. :( I don't even have a banner for my ETSY. Where did you go to come up with your design and stuff? Though my main hope is to find somewhere free to design something myself in the right format.
Thanks, ladies!

Robyn - I worked with someone on Ravelry in "Design Donors" who created my advertising banner in exchange for hand dyed yarn. I then used this for my Etsy storefront. However, Etsy also has a banner generator; here is the link to it: http://team.etsy.com/bannerdisplay.php
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