Tuesday, October 13, 2009



Awright, so I suck at taking photos. But I can hold my own in a knitting group!

Just surfacing to show you Loppem. It now has buttons--2 toggle buttons from Jo-Ann's that are antique-y looking. I love wearing it, however I'm shy about modeling for photos.

The yarn is Nashua Creative Focus Superwash; (213 yards per ball/5 balls). Addi Natura needles size US 7. I hadn't worked with the yarn before, but I love it--it's soft, nice drape, blocks beautifully.

Mods: good grief, 9" from cast on edge to underarm?! No freaking way. I made the body length to underarm about 18". I spaced the body decreases 3" apart instead of 1.5", and it works quite well--nice, body-skimming fit.

The yoke decrease instructions in the pattern are incorrect; that caused a minor problem but not too bad, the sweater isn't lopsided or anything. Also, the sleeve bands are supposed to be picked up around a reverse stockinette ridge. After trying it and having it come out weird, I said screw it--I didn't think double rev. stockinette rolls would look good on my bingo wings anyway! Wearing it, the sleeves just look like a cap sleeve with a single rev. stockinette roll. I can live with that. And I do love the elongated cable panels on the fronts. Garment construction is bottom up, one piece, completely seamless--my kind of sweater!

Of course, finishing a major garment means I get to start something new. I have Cascade 220 Heather percolating in the stash, and of course I bought another bagful today to make this--but I dug out last winter's purchase of the Cascade and want to make this in the worst way. It's probably all wrong for my body type, but I have to at least try it before throwing in the towel and making another Bombshell. Hey, when you're fluffy, ya gotta go with what works!

Off to start another ill-advised project now...

Beautiful vest!!
love it!
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