Saturday, September 19, 2009


my camera has a happy

I don't usually remember to bring my camera when I go places, but I thought there might be a photo op or two at the beach on Wednesday. Alas, with my child being a stroppy little cow (thank you for that, Kiki, it was perfect!) there was neither the opportunity nor inspiration for picture taking. However, by Wednesday night we had declared a cease-fire, and yesterday, we went to PCC Rock Creek campus so she could locate her classrooms without any problems next week when school starts. It was a beautiful day and I was delighted to discover the camera still tucked into an inside pocket of my purse.

I graduated from PCC in 1995. Back then, there were three buildings at Rock Creek and they had just broken ground on a new sciences building. Now there are nine! And I forgot how pretty it is around there.

Thank you so much for your sympathetic comments and helpful suggestions on how to deal with my kid being such a PITA. Tranqs are great, but I've gotta say that as the mother, I've got dibs on any good prescription drugs that find their way into the house. :) Seriously, though, your support means a lot to me.

And to usher in this new era of domestic harmony, we collaborated on her dad's birthday cake.

She did the baking, icing and decorating; all I did was the cursive writing. Chocolate layers with cherry preserve filling. He loves Black Forest cake; before we were married I used to go all out with the three layers of chocolate cake, shaved sweet chocolate, cherry liqueur, fresh whipped cream, the works. Now? Feh! I love him not a jot less than ever, but all I make in the kitchen these days is yarn. And a mess. It so happens that the kid has a deft touch with doctoring cake mix. Culinary burnout that I am, I'm all about the shortcuts!
I even have new knitting for next post. Somehow, life seems a good deal sunnier than it did a couple of days ago!
Next week is going to be extremely busy, but I'll get that post in if I can. I did the goofiest thing this morning. Before having enough coffee, I called and scheduled my yearly mammogram for next Friday, totally forgetting that I'm actually going on vacation with my husband next Friday! So I called back, and scheduled it for the following Tuesday. Totally forgetting that we are coming home Tuesday. Yes, a whole five days, a real gosh darn vacation! I was too embarrassed at being such a dingbat that I'll wait until next week to call the imaging scheduler back. =)

Bee-you-tee-ful pictures! The cake looks delish! If you don't post between now and your vacation, have a wonderful and relaxing time! :)

P.S. Stroppy cow, stroppy mare...the British seem to always have the perfect turn of phrase..the hubby's family is an endless source ;)
I'm guessing it's stress. She'll get over it. Hang in there, 'k? I have a middle schooler who is going to be the death of me, too. I keep telling myself, "The same traits that make me want to throttle him are going to make him a very successful adult." If he lives that long.
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