Wednesday, September 16, 2009


free to good home...

Girl, age 18. Blonde hair, blue eyes. Extremely bright and gifted, but has had an enormous 'tude with her mother for the past four days.

Seriously, WTF? We went through some stuff at age 15 and 16, but right now it's worse than ever, even though she's turning 19 next month. Everything I say is stupid and everything I do is inadequate. I embarrass and repulse her no matter what. Yet I can't ever go anywhere without her. Her wants are endless; it's like attaching a vacuum hose to my bank account, and then none of it makes her happy.

So I'm trying to figure out, is this hormonal? Or anxiety-related because she starts college classes next week? I've tied a knot to the end of my rope and am hanging on, but am starting to lose my grip!


Enough about that. One thing I've learned since I became a mother, is that the situation always gets different. But man, is this a tough one to ride out.

Yarn is the constant in my life; it's always there. Either I have made it as beautiful as I can, or others have, and knitting just a few rows helps so much to calm inner chaos. My long-awaited order of Glam Sock base yarn was on the doorstep when I got back from a day's drive down to Manzanita at the beach--I had the aforementioned kid in tow, so it wasn't as great as it could have been, but I sold some sock yarn to the wonderful Olga, who owns T-Spot Yarns, Teas and Chocolates.

I was invited to teach a class at that shop next month, and I'm so proud because it's on my original design!

Introducing the Dream Tote (Ravelry link).

This is a knitted, not felted, tote bag that can be made with any worsted weight yarn. It was intended to be a stash buster, so because the sides are squares of log cabin the color combinations are endless. The bag gusset is just a garter stitch strip and the handle is (oh I'm a feckin' genius, if I do say so myself) Purl-Twist fabric, a stitch pattern I found in the first Barbara Walker treasury. It creates a fabric that naturally rolls under, but is textured and much stronger than stockinette stitch or I-cord. Works perfectly for this purpose.

Sample details: about 600 yards total of worsted weight yarn; I used 2 hanks Punta Yarns Merisoft Handpainted for the sides and 1 skein Lamb's Pride Worsted for the gusset and handle. My gauge is very loose so I used a size 5 needle, although a 6 would probably work for most knitters, just so long as you're knitting a bit more tightly than worsted gauge. The finished size is 13" wide, 12" high and 2" deep. Fabric lining is optional, instructions included. I posted the pattern for sale on Ravelry and also in my Etsy shop.

I had more to blog about, unfortunately sleep was elusive last night and I'm a little muzzy. I think I'll finish the essential chores and go to bed!

Sometimes, you just have to call them on it. I usually say, "I'm not your DOG," and that takes care of it. Usually.

Good luck.
Mine did that too. Had a really nice teen until out of high school and then I started to get the attitude. I have looked at him and reminded him that I don't *have* to let him remain living in my household. He could always go live with his father.

I get an attitude adjustment that lasts for awhile with that reminder.

He is doing better as he is about to turn 20. I keep remembering that all too soon he will be totally leaving the house and things will never be the same.

We all survive it, one way or another. Just try to remember not to say anything in anger that you may later regret.
Tranq dart. Stat
Congrats on your new teaching stint! ;) The tote is fab, and by feck if you aren't a genius, that handle stitch thing sounds wonderful!

I'm with Flutter...except I'd slip the tranqs in her food...they are all so self absorbed at that age...some of them don't stop either...just take comfort in the fact that sooner or later (hopefully sooner) she will realize the selfish, stroppy little cow she is being and come to beg your forgiveness....just try not to act too sanctimonious...and make her bring you chocolates and yarn...
I have a deal for you. I'll take her if you take my gorgeous, blonde, blue eyed son who has taken teeth sucking to the next level. He's 6' tall, 160 lbs and can lift and move heavy things.
There's a saying that goes "When I was 16 I thought my parents were the most stupid people in the world. By the time I was 21 I couldn't believe how much they learned in 5 short years." It'll be over soon.
I would think about sitting down and having a "family chat" with her. Tell her you don't *have* to let her keep living at home and now that she's an adult, you would like to work out a rental agreement with her.

Now...the rental agreement might be "paid" in chores and help around the house rather than money. But prehaps helping her feel like she's earning the ability to live there will help her take you less for granted.

Or your could just feed her tranquilizers (kidding).
My 15 year old sophomore feels her life's problems are unsolvable because we live in NY and not Seattle, Portland or Oregon. There's no way to say anything "right" to someone who's convinced they live on the wrong coast! Everything else is just icing on her cake of discontent. So....I feel your pain.
I have to say that they only get over that attitude when they're about 35 or so....if then!

Congrats on your teaching gig.
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