Wednesday, September 23, 2009



...afterthought heels, that is!

Smacking myself in the forehead because I've been wanting to make afterthought-heel socks, but the thought of snipping a stitch and unraveling really spooked me. So I Googled up this method of knitting the heel stitches in waste yarn and then knitting them again, and dang if it isn't the exact same principle as Fetching fingerless mitts, which I've made several times! D'oh. *forehead slap*

There's something I love about the idea of socks that are off the needles, yet not quite finished, and they're waiting patiently while I futz around with other projects. The yarn I used is from Spinners' Web, lovely local folks who dye yarn and fiber. I made these with my pet sock needles, Kollage Square dpns size 2, which I now want to use for all sock knitting!

But doesn't everybody love orange?

Here are sample skeins of new fall colors in laceweight, done somewhat slap-dash. While I refuse to let product quality suffer, I do wish I could have made that screamin' orange somehow more red. These are only 600-yard skeins, which I'll probably keep around for display. I had a couple of wholesale customers wanting laceweight in darker colors, but the second from the left (which I dubbed "scarlet") seems to be a unanimous FAIL. Can't hit it out of the park every time, I guess! The other colors, left to right, are Hemlock, Royal Plum, and Crimson.

The other new item from your friendly neighborhood dye slinger is Glam Sock. Yes, it's back! For a limited time only, as I waited several months for the shipment. More than half of it is already spoken for.

New Glam Sock Multi: Rainbow Fish, Japanese Maple, Her Majesty, and Moonlight Meadow.

It's officially Mr. Stitchjones 50th birthday and I am fixing a steak dinner for him. He'll be home in like 10 minutes, so I'd best get my hiney in the kitchen. Our offspring baked him a cake that is most definitely NSFW--I'll have a pic up soon. And on Friday we're off!

Great socks! Love the new colours too :)
Have to say I LOVE the color that I named. How bad is that!! lol

When all else fails, overdye and call it a one-of-a-kind. My verification word can be its name: exhadlyp
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