Thursday, August 27, 2009


With apologies to Warren Zevon

...because my last blog post could have been titled "Poor Poor Pitiful Me".

First of all, you guys are awesome and I appreciate your words of support and encouragement. I've stopped crying and today I feel so much better about things in general, even though my situation hasn't really changed. I know it will change eventually, and that alone helps cheer me up. I just want you to know that I loves each and every one of you!

Michelle and I came home from Spokane late Monday afternoon. The life remembrance for Jennifer was held the day before. We cried a lot, but laughed some too, because she left us with some great memories. The one I shared was of her at about age 3 or 4. Back then, I used to knit with Red Heart or Berella--imagine! And all I made were afghans. It's only been in the last 10 years that I really began learning about knitting and wool. Anyway, I was working on an afghan while visiting with the inlaws, and little Jennifer said she wanted to knit. I started to show her how to make a stitch, but she said, "I can do it" and started taking the stitches off the needle. It was funny at the time, but upon reflection it showed determination and faith in herself, which are essential traits for an artist. She was a talented painter, and her paintings were on display at the memorial gathering.

I will always miss you, sweet Jennifer.


On to happier topics. Here is what Mr. Stitchjones sent yesterday for our 20th wedding anniversary.

I love the little pink flowers in the bouquet; they really seem to set off the red of the rose blooms. And being sent flowers, who doesn't like that? Thanks, sweetie!

Now that I can knit with the big girls and boys, here is a sock I finished for Michelle's size 11 feet. (Thank God she doesn't read my blog, she'd kill me for that.)

The yarn is Malabrigo Sock in Ravelry Red. I bought it a couple of weeks ago from Knitting Bee. I'm using my Size 2 square dpns, which are like a size 1 gauge-wise, and the second sock is about one-third complete. I like to make socks on the plain side, so the pattern is yer basic seed rib stitch.

Last post I mentioned loving some new yarn colors that I dyed up. Here is some Alpaca Lace in a medium-pale turquoise I call "Alpine Lake". Couldn't resist a little wordplay there.

I got a sample of a new 100% merino sportweight. The jury isn't out on it yet. It doesn't seem to be a true sportweight, it's very similar to the base yarn I use for Titanium Sock. I may go with the sportweight I've used before, which comes from Henry's Attic. This is what I did with the sample skein, which is 100 grams/350 yards.

With fall coming, I definitely want to make more of this color. It's the mix I use for Forest, with Raven added.

Ya know, I love naming colorways. However, I'm stuck and don't know what to call this. As a matter of fact, it's been forever since I've held a contest on the blog, so let's do that. Leave your suggestions for a color name in the comments. Be creative. (Of course you're creative; you're knitters!) Be outrageous. Capture the Stitchjones "je ne sais quoi" --oops, I spoke French there and hurt myself! Seriously though, since it's naming my yarn, I'll have to pick the winner personally. I hope that's OK; I unfortunately can't use the random number generator thingy on this one. The winner will get a Stitchjones goodie. Let's set the deadline for Saturday, September 5th, at midnight in Bangalore, India. Just kidding! Midnight Pacific Daylight time.

One more thing- please leave an email address, if you would be so kind.

Let the games begin!

It's a different green than your Spruce but the name that instantly came to mind was Douglas Fir. It reminds me of the branches of a Douglas Fir tree and a walk in the Tillamook Forest.

How about Tillamook Forest?
Not sure that there's enough yardage, but think about this pattern for this yarn or Spruce:
How about Druid or Stonehenge? I obviously have Spinal Tap on the brain. :)
Beautiful flowers! Happy 20th again to you and Mr. Stitchjones!

The first thing that popped in my mind for that yarn is "It reminds me of an artichoke" Now I like artichokes, so that's a good thing! ;)

Can I just say your Alpine Lake is too dreamy!! Gorgeous as usual! That colour just jumps off the page.

The socks are looking fab, too.
Forrest Gump?
Hmmmm....I have a crayon whose color is "screamin' green," which is certainly in keeping with your je ne sais quoi. However, it's also neon, so it might not be best for this particular yarn.

I seem to remember a Byrds song called 'Green Apple Quickstep' (and now that I've googled it, I found that it's also the name of Seattle grunge band from the '90's...very odd). Now that I'm thinking of it, there was also a very pleasant Pink Floyd song called 'Green is the Colour'.

Or maybe Bein' Green, since this yarn does seem to be a nice Kermit-y shade.

-Rebecca (rnredner at gmail dot com)
Forrest Gump is a good one! Do you like anything-Twilight? 'Cause I'm thinking Spring in Forks, WA.

Dumb, but there ya go.
I'm so very sorry to hear about your loss. It's sad when anyone you love passes away, but when it's someone so young goes, it is particularly difficult. I'm glad you have something happy in your life right now like a 20th anniversary! Congrats.

I'd suggest either naming the yarn

Moss Magic or
Moss Mania

hotmail = elweyu
I love name the colorway contests. Never win but I love reading everyone else's ideas and trying.

I suggest:
Green Grow the Rushes Ho
Anne's Green Gables
The Frog Prince
Leaf Me Alone

(now I'm getting weird so I'll stop with these suggestions)

bloglessinnj AT gmail
Green Eyed Lady (my first choice)
Child of Nature
Robin's Hood
Sweet Pea
I think it's more Oscar The Grouch (OTG) than Kermit.
I thought I already suggested a couple, but perhaps I didn't. How about.

Moss madness.
Moss mania.
Mad for moss.
So sorry to hear of your loss. it is never easy. We are acyually in a hotel trying to have one last vacation before the kids return to college classes, possibly the last vacation before they fly from the nest for good. Just received a call from dad informing us that hospice had called about hubbys 87 year old gram, never is easy.

with our odd washington state weather i lvoe that green but the thought of fall makes me think of the name "forever summer". beautiful!!!
I also want to add my sympathy for your loss. I"m glad you have good memories of her to celebrate--now and forever.

I just thought of Hemlock when I saw this. It's a beautiful yummy Fall color! How about "Socrates Shake"? (Yes. I'm in an odd mood today.I don't imagine Socrates could even shake after he drank the poison, but I was thinking about a smoothie!) It's a lovely color, and I know you're roud of it.
"Greenwich Station"
How about Olivia or Olive Oyl?
munkiknits at yahoo.com
Chestnut Leaves Green. :-)
Time for Christmas Carolls

Love that color! Right away, probably because of my Irish heritage, I thought of Leprechaun. Can't wait to see which you choose.
Forest plus Raven makes me think of a darker forest.

Old Growth Forest?
Don't lol, but it looks like "wheelchair green" to me, just the color that my son likes to have his chair painted.
beautiful colors for the yarn!

How about:
- Springy Sock
- Envy
- Raven-Forest Fern
- The Other side (as in the grass is always greener...)
- Sprout

Congrats on your anniversary and my sympathies on your loss - My thoughts are with you
Lots of suggestions. It reminds me of evergreens, so:

Pining for you
Pining for yew
Spruce it up!
Fern forest (a park in Florida we love)

jerseyjessie AT gmail
I like the name Evergreen because it reminds me of Christmas.
So many witty name. How about

Greener pastures.

gmail = purple22power
Sorry for your sadness ((((Hugging You))))Darcy
I think of things like
Enchanted Forest or
Green Day
i like the name moss grows here i know it sounds funny but there yah go im funny and quirky vbarton24 at gmail dot com

oh Emerald Isle is a good one also
I love the rich green shade and I know it's soft and luscious so I'm going to suggest Spinach Souffle.
That is such a lucious, deep green.
1-Emerald City Dreams
2-Emerald Pool
3-Yarn Envy
4-Tranquil Forest
5-Forest Path
6-Forest Canopy
Witch's Hair.
I like:

Envy Has A Color

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