Saturday, August 01, 2009


The party's about to start!

Approaching Defcon 5 level of readiness for Sock Summit. Dyeing for the show is finished; just need to reskein and label yesterday's batch. I now have 4 sock patterns for sale; I've printed those, plus extra copies of Katherine Vaughan's designs using Stitchjones worsted weight yarns. (Link is to her blog--scroll down to see the awesome Good Day Sunshine Tote. It's available in my Etsy shop.) I've gone to the bank and got some cash to make change; made a special "Summit Mix" CD to play while setting up and bought batteries for Michelle's portable stereo (no electrical outlet in my booth). Some of the songs are ones that inspired a lot of Stitchjones' sock colorways: Twisted Sister, Alice Cooper, Gene Simmons/KISS, and of course, Rush. Made Czech glass bead stitch markers and got a few more buttons from Zazzle. Went to Costco on Sunday for a 4-ft. table. Now I'm just trying not to go bonkers thinking I'm gonna forget something! Yes, I do make lists, but you know how it is.

Today I put "Kamikaze Raspberry" semi-permanent color on my hair, so I look rather grotesque. No photo, sorry, you'll have to come see me at Sock Summit or stalk my friends' blogs for pictures! All I can say is, I look like Bozo the Clown's love child. It's not so bad though--most people who come by the booth will be looking at the yarn, not at me! Also, it'll wash out eventually.

Lace all over the place

The yarn biz being nothing if not seasonal, I'm looking ahead to Fall '09 and predicting that the watchword will be "lace". I'm bringing in 2 new laceweight yarns: Nirvana Lace (70/20/10% baby alpaca/silk/cashmere) and Alpaca Lace (100% alpaca). I just added both yarns to Ravelry, so if you go to "Yarn" and look up "Stitchjones" there they'll be.

Here is a blog post from a happy customer of one of my customers, Knitty-Noddy. I must get cracking on this hand dyed laceweight thing; I think it's gonna be hot hot hot!

I do have a Noro Kureyon sock finished, but I've been lax on taking photos. The red Svale baby doll top is about four-fifths done and languishing on the coffee table. I cast on for this so I can use up some of my stash.

And of course, I'm thinking about fall and winter knitting too! I bought this pattern today (the Calluna Cardigan from Knitpicks), having first seen it on Yarnhog's blog. Yarnhog is rocking the design in Cascade 220, which I happen to have in my stash.

I'm intrigued to see how it will look knit up. I have always fallen hard for orange!

Well possums, I'll be incommunicado (at least on the blog; Facebook's another story) until next week. I'll have lots to report! Hope to see many of you at the Oregon Convention Center for the biggest knitfest this town has ever seen. We're gonna stand Portland on its ear!

Nice to see you, all to briefly, in your booth today. Will see you again tomorrow!
I know you will do super at sock summit!!! I just wish I could be there too, maybe if I got in the car and drove straight...it would still take a few days...:(
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