Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Mission accomplished

SS09 is over. And it was good.
All I can do is jot down my experiences, ranging from Wonderful to Meh to Feh! (there's only one in the "Feh" category, and it doesn't really have to do with Sock Summit.)
Before I get started, let me offer you a piece of banana cake which I baked last night and slathered with chocolate buttercream frosting. All from scratch. There's also coffee. Cream and sugar?

OK. Here is my list of The Wonderful:
-seeing so many friends and customers all in one place!
-the excitement and star-struck-ness (if that's a word) of the attendees, meeting and taking classes from so many well-known people in the knitting world.
-the parade of gorgeous handknits! Endlessly fascinating and inspiring.
-Meeting some of my Etsy customers.
-Being shown some beautiful things made from Stitchjones yarn.
-Handing out my business card to knitters who wanted to view my products online, and also to yarn shop owners looking for indie dyers who wholesale. Woot!
-Seeing people I haven't seen for ages.
-The nice things I heard from people who buy my yarn at local shops.
-My personal favorite compliment: "I/my husband gets such a kick out of your yarn label! 'Color Goes To Eleven'--from Spinal Tap, right? Great marketing." (I usually respond with the truth, which is "I love it when people get what I'm about.")
-Obviously, selling quite a bit of yarn! While I wouldn't have minded selling more, I'm pleased overall with my sales volume. I now have three wholesale orders booked, two of which came in before Sock Summit, and as soon as all the credit card payments fund into my bank account, I can place a materials order which will keep me busy dyeing all through August and well into September.
-And one last thing, which is mightily awesome. I can't reveal any of the specifics right now--but I can tell you that sometime in the future, Stitchjones yarn is going to be featured in a book! OMG, could you die?!


The "meh" part of Sock Summit is really regret that I couldn't spend more time in the marketplace. There was so much to see. I would have liked to take classes, but my first reason for being there was to grow my business, and I haven't yet figured out how to clone myself, although I'm working on it!


And one thing I really didn't like, although it certainly isn't the fault of the event organizers. I have always hated officious pricks, ok? Just a pet peeve of mine. I hate it when someone is telling me to do something I clearly cannot do, but won't offer assistance, just stands there and watches me struggle and fume. It so happens there was an officious prick barking orders at me on the drive-up ramp at the loading dock. At the end of the show, Kathleen was doing her usual efficient job of helping me tear down and pack up. I was so wiped out that I couldn't back up the minivan in ju-u-ust the right way to suit this dude in a sport jacket, who kept trying to get me to move six freaking inches to the right because there was a truck and trailer on my left. There was plenty of room between the vehicles for people to walk and transport stuff, but he was being so picky-perfectionist about it that I could have slapped him! Standing there with his hands folded, as useless as you-know-what on a bull. I could have done without that.


OK, that's quite enough of that. I was so preoccupied with vendor concerns that I neglected to take any photos at the convention center! However, if you go to my blogroll and visit my friends' blogs, or for that matter, go to Ravelry, you'll be able to see lots of pics. If you go to my friend Rachel's blog and scroll through her photos, you can see me holding her daughter, Miss Hazel Rose. Who was sporting a Lantern Moon tattoo on her little baby leg. And totally rocking a Stitchjones button! Only the best for this future knitter. ;)

In an attempt to reserve as much funds as possible for the business, I showed as much restraint as I could in the marketplace. Here's all I bought:

Small project bag. Love the original Beatles logo. The bag is lined with a print fabric that says "All You Need Is Love". I bought it from the booth next to mine, Susan's Kitchen. Susan's a sweetheart as well as a talented dyer!

Some coveted Mini Mochi in Strawberry Lime, and a skein of STR Lightweight in Spirits "Narikama". I've learned a great deal about wool dyeing over the past couple of years, however I am astounded by this. "Spirited from the color orange" is what the product blurb on Blue Moon's website says. Howdeydodat?! It is so beautiful! They achieve this by adding white to a color, apparently. I didn't even know there was white dye. Not that I'm anxious to try it, I'm just in awe. Here's a close-up to show the color better.

When the marketplace was slow, I knitted on a fine-gauge chemo cap (which is actually "Tipsy Sailor" from Interweave a few years back). Instead of Koigu I'm using Kona Superwash, a Henry's Attic base yarn I discontinued last year, handpainted a medium aqua blue, and Size 2 circs.

OK; now I'm gonna knit! Still on post-Summit R&R, you see. :)

See, this is why I love you Sharon, you manage to take something I love (Banana cake) and make it so much better by adding chocolate butter cream frosting...drool drool!

Speaking of drool, that Beatles bag made me squee! Your hat is looking superb!

So glad to hear you had a successful sock summit, so sorry to hear you had a run in with a stundass officious prick, I agree, they are the worst!
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