Thursday, July 02, 2009


working vacation

Mr. Stitchjones and our darling daughter are heading to Spokane tomorrow for the long weekend. As much as I will miss the delightful company of my brother-in-law, I've chosen to stay home and tackle my to-do pile.

This represents only part of what I'll be dyeing, because today 2 more kilos of Titanium Sock came in. No sign of Glam Sock yet, regrettably, although I'm still hoping it will be here in time to get it ready for Sock Summit.

Speaking of the Summit--you may have already seen this on Ravelry, but here is my entry in the "Dye for Glory" contest in the Painted category.

This colorway is "Magic Judy" in honor of Judy Becker, inventor of Judy's Magic Cast-on and one of the teachers at Sock Summit. It has several of Judy's favorite colors, and she seemed pleased with how it came out. I've already had a couple of requests for the yarn, so I'll be dyeing up at least a half dozen skeins of it over the weekend.

I'm not sure if I was supposed to wait before unveiling my colorway. According to the Ravelry rules, the entries can be posted to Ravelry up until July 22nd or something like that, and then voting commences. You know me; I have poor impulse control and tend to shoot my wad no matter what's at stake. In this case, though, I think I'm OK; it's yarn after all, not state secrets.

Got Swag?

I now have a Zazzle panel, although it's hard to see because the blog layout put it waaaay down at the bottom. To save you from having to scroll, here is a linky to the Stitchjones Zazzle store. We've already sold a t-shirt and a couple of buttons, plus I just got 10 of the buttons in today's mail. I'll be wearing one at Sock Summit, and will have some for sale in the booth.

Yeah, "Accept No Substitutes". Don't read too much into it. Or do; whatever turns yer crank. I just thought it was funny.

Love Affair with Laceweight Continues

This is alpaca laceweight in Chartreuse, prior to reskeining. It's now for sale at The Naked Sheep Knit Shop, along with 6 other skeins of alpaca lace yarn in assorted colors. I seem to be alternating between whatever is easiest to get--sometimes the alpaca, and sometimes the 70% alpaca/20% silk/10% cashmere. Believe me, it's much yummier than the 100% alpaca, yet it's obviously much more expensive. I have just enough of it on hand--or will, as soon as my shipment gets here--to fill a wholesale order, and can't wait to get my hands on more. I think I should focus on sock yarn for the time being, and try to keep that urge at bay until after next month's big event.

WIPs will have to do.

Just as all the vendors were packing up at the close of Black Sheep Gathering, I went into the exhibition hall and purchased 2 lovely skeins of Cormo wool in neon green from Bellwether Wool Co. The softness of the fiber and the eyecatching color had me feeling sparkly, and I vowed to myself that if they hadn't sold the two 6 oz. skeins by show's end, they were going home with me. Score! I'm turning them into a quick and easy Diagonal Baby Blanket. I cast on a couple of days ago, and am already half finished.

(protective eyewear recommended for next photo.)

This is all I can show you of a painstaking design I'm cooking up, with Dale of Norway Svale in Chinese red. I am nearly half finished with this summer garment, which means that by summer's end it should be a FO. Even though it just looks like miles of unexplored knot stitch, I think it's gonna be pretty sweet if I can keep plugging at it.

That's it--have a happy, safe and cool Fourth, no matter how you spend it. It's a very hot day, so I think I'll head into the kitchen/family room for an iced beverage and some knitting.

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