Sunday, July 26, 2009


knittin' up a sweat

It's so dadburn hot here that all I've been able to do is sit in front of the floor fan, watch TV and knit!

Here is a sock I designed last year, but since I was just starting out as a dyer, I wasn't doing semisolids yet. And this stitch pattern needs a semi-solid colorway to show it off. It's called "Chain Lightning" and is an easy peasy chain rib stitch you can do while watching TV, reading Twitter-pated posts or what have you. The sample is knit in Stitchjones 100% merino sock yarn, although Titanium Sock would work well too. I used size 2 needles and zipped through this sucker in just a few days, where it normally takes me at least a week to finish a sock.

This is a new colorway I call "Shadow Rose". I love coral-y pink. Since we're getting down to the wire with Sock Summit, and I only have 5 or so skeins of sock yarn left to add to my inventory--the rest is committed to wholesale orders--I may or may not have this color available in my booth. I'll try, but I think I'd better make extra skeins of my Sock Summit colorway, "Magic Judy", so created and named for Judy of Judy's Magic Cast-on fame. Fortunately, Judy granted me permission to use her name even though I forgot to ask her! -blush. I got excited when I heard "Sock Summit dyers' contest" and all protocol went out the window.

Magic Judy - Stitchjones Titanium Sock

Before the voting started in the Dye for Glory contest on Ravelry, I thought I only needed a half dozen skeins or so. Even though there are yarns far more beautiful than mine entered in the contest and I don't have a snowball's chance of winning, this yarn has been seen by so many folks that I think I'd better stockpile! 'Cause ya never know. If it sells out at Sock Summit, I'll take orders. And if you haven't gone over to Ravelry and voted, please do so! It's hard to make choices because they're all so nice. Mine is in the "Painted" category.

And now for another of my sock patterns, "Carole's Socks".

The sample was knit by Bobbie of Tiggywinkle Knits in Stitchjones 100% Merino sock yarn in "Bliss". Didn't she do a lovely job?

Both patterns are available as Ravelry downloads, they're dirt cheap at just $4. They are also in the Etsy shop, along with Magic Judy in Titanium Sock.

But the pretty colored FO's don't stop there! Here is a Diagonal Baby Blanket, made with 11 oz. of cuddly Cormo wool in neon green from Dayspring Farm in Corvallis, Oregon. (Yarn was purchased from Bellwether Wool Co. at Black Sheep Gathering.)

I haven't washed and blocked it yet--just folded it up and put away for now. When the weather cools off, I'll wash it. I've decided to keep this for the grandbabies I might someday have. I've also bought other yarn and picked out baby items to knit this fall and winter, to add to the collection. Not that I'm in any hurry to be a grandma; I want Michelle to finish college and have the hit TV show she's already writing before she becomes a mom! If and when the day comes, though, this Nana will be prepared.


OK now, brace yourself. Here is a photo of Noel Fielding of the hit BBC comedy show The Mighty Boosh, in character as "Tony Harrison".

Yeah I know, "WTF"? I mean, "WTF-ing F!?"

I share this with you my friends, because ever since I first saw Monty Python's Flying Circus I have loved British comedy. My daughter has a big crush on Noel and is obsessed with his show. The first time I saw this whack character, (who talks like an upperclass twit by the way,) I couldn't stop laughing. I even bought some pepto-bismol pink yarn and tried to knit a stuffed toy of Tony Harrison. It so happens Michelle is flying down to L.A. on Tuesday to meet Noel at a personal appearance! She'll be accompanied by her dad, who will already be down there on business. Lucky girl, eh?

My idea was to knit a stuffed-toy version of this character for Michelle to give to Noel when she meets him. However, even though a designer friend was helping me figure it out, I just didn't have the mojo. I got discouraged when I realized I'd have to make all those tentacles, then sew the whole thing up--and I hate sewing!

As I get older I'm becoming more scatterbrained, a la Lucy and Ethel hair-brained schemes. My heart is still in the right place, though...no matter what you may have heard!

WTF is right! I thought I was up on all the Brit-coms, being married to a Brit and all, but that's a new one on me, now I'm all curious...

Beautiful socks and yarn, as usual!!

Sorry I haven't commented in a while, been laid up with Sciatica
:( and away from the computer or any other chair-like things for almost 3 weeks!

I hope you are feeling better after your tumble!!

Love the mannequin feet, btw!

Can't wait to try the risotto!!
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