Friday, July 17, 2009


I clean forgot

that I started this blog three years ago last month! How time does fly, when one is busy trying to keep the wolves away from the door. They're at the edge of the yard, where I can see them and they can see me, but I'm not ready to become wolf nummies just yet!

Here on the upper left coast we have some hot weather going on. Working on the wholesale order I received last month is keeping me at home and as close to the air conditioner as possible. My left arm still aches, so I try to restructure the work as best I can to avoid it really hurting. I'm maintaining for the time being, even though I ran out of the Tylenol + codeine. Rats. Ibuprofen does help, though.

I have random news tidbits, but first let me show you a sock.

This is my original pattern, Traffic Stoppin' Boot Sock (link to free pattern). I'm at the toe of the second sock--these are knit top down. They're for Mr. Stitchjones, so for the photo I got to use my real fake foot! The yarn is On Line Merino & Silk, which is soft and wonderful and lovely and shiny--although I can tell it's going to be pilly as all getout. No worries, the socks I most enjoy making are those for mah man. As long as he keeps wearing 'em I'll keep knitting 'em. My sock yarn stash contains an excellent selection of guy colors.

Speaking of guy colors (or unisex colors) in sock yarn, here is a goodie I made a while back as a special request for a fellow Rush fan. I made a couple more in Titanium Sock.

This colorway is called "Fly By Night". It's good to have some quieter, more mellow selections in my high-octane inventory.

Mommy is so happy!

Michelle landed herself a summer job! She will be a receptionist at her dad's company all next month, which is the busiest month of the year for them. I know she'll do great at it, and she'll even have a few weeks to decompress before starting classes at PCC. One of the things I loved about being a PCC student was the late start to the fall quarter; those breaks were really nice too. Anyway, I am extremely relieved at this news, not only because she'll earn some money for herself, but also because when you're trying to work at home and your 18 year old and her friends are in the house all day, you start to go a little nuts. In fact, I had to minimize the screen just now, because she came into the room. Arrgh...

Another thing that makes me happy as a mother is that she is no longer involved with the local cast of Rocky Horror Picture Show. I know she loved playing Magenta, and when she was put in positions of responsibility and worked her way up to Director, that was good experience for her. But I know I was also pushing the limits of responsible parenting by letting her participate in a midnight show for the past few years, it wasn't good for her health-wise and we'd also have a complete grouch on our hands all day Sunday after a Rocky Saturday because she wasn't getting proper rest. Even when I didn't have to drive her anymore because she could drive herself, it wasn't like I was able to go to sleep until I knew she was safely home. So this is something we made it through as a family, and I'm relieved that, for various reasons, she's no longer interested in participating.

I started writing this post Friday night, and now it's Saturday afternoon and shaping up to be another hot day. I'm gonna get back to making lots of pretty, fun sock yarns to send to Australia. Fair dinkum!

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