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I recently found out that due to production problems, the base yarn I ordered for Glam Sock won't even be manufactured until next month, and I have to wait until September before my order is shipped.

I'm bummed--not only will I not have it for Sock Summit, but also, I had my first order cancellation because of the delay. I don't blame my customer; I hate making people wait for their yarn and in fact, I gave my customer the option to cancel. It just sucks is all. I expect that quite a few indie dyers who have Sterling Silk & Silver in their product line are in the same boat.


My family's home, including Jimmy the longhaired mini dachshund. He got to go on the road trip and had a blast in Spokane; my inlaws have 19 acres, including horses and a barn, so it's a doggie paradise for running and playing. Here is one of my favorite Jimmy pictures. I've never had a dog who loves to play as much as this one does. It's hard to get him to keep still long enough to take a picture!

Buster, my first wiener dog, just turned 10. He has various health problems, so he stayed with me over the holiday weekend. Here is a picture of him from a couple of years ago.
He kept me company while I dyed, knitted, and watched all the episodes of Showtime's "Nurse Jackie". Love that show! I never watched "The Sopranos" but I sure am a fan of Edie Falco now. That girl has some prodigious acting chops. I also watched "Milk" on pay per view. I think it was an important film, well made and well acted, and I'm glad I saw it.

One of the things I didn't get to over the weekend was practicing my bass. I keep thinking about it though, and it's probably a pipe dream but I'd like to be a solid bass player someday. I had a few lessons and picked up the fundamentals quickly. About the only song I can actually play competently is a totally vulgar Denis Leary song (is there any other kind?) which I won't mention here! The reason it's easy to play is because it's a descending bass line and I don't have to think about it too much. Hey, budding musicians have to start somewhere, right?
Soon I'll have a finished project for show and tell; I got quite a bit of work done on the red Svale top. I'm glad 4th of July is over and done with. The older I get, the less tolerant I am of noisy celebrations and I'm increasingly more concerned about pets, mine and other people's. For a time on Saturday, I couldn't find our cat Hannibal, and I was worried he might bolt into the street and possibly be hit by a car. Thankfully, though, he came to the door late Saturday night, after the neighbors ran out of fireworks.
I'm also glad the heat wave is over--it's early summer so I'm sure we'll get more of them, but it's nice to have some cool weather. Anyway, I hope you all had some good times over the weekend, and thank you for reading my rather dull blog. Between the anger management courses and industrial-strength antidepressants, the noise in my head seems to have subsided, along with anything interesting I might have to say.
(That last sentence was a joke.)

Sorry to hear about your order cancellation! It would be depressing to find out that you can't get something until September, but it is out of your hands and others are also feeling your pain. No other possible substitutions?
Dang about the sock yarn. Hopefully your other sources won't be the same and come through with goodies.

My cats did okay except for Maisie when the fireworks went whacko in the neighborhood. She hid in the bedsprings.
Bummer about the yarn! Your doggies are cute.
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