Saturday, June 06, 2009


Yes and no

...which is of course the answer to the question, "am I spinning yet"?

Last Wednesday, I did make something that experienced spinners call "art yarn". I think they're just being nice, though. Before I show you what I made, Hannibal wants me to let you know that he had nothing to do with it. He was asleep at the time.

(cat disclaimer)

Anyway, here's the art yarn, which is from a bit of South African Fine wool top that I dyed some time ago. It was truly a team effort: the really fine stuff was spun by pnwbookgirl; it wraps around the fat stuff I made. And Trtlgrl helped me ply it.

It's really overspun, typical noob-spinner stuff. Still learning all the moves; it got a little thinner with practice, even though it's corkscrewy.

Here's the loaner wheel, which I've dubbed "Miss Lucy".

The jury isn't out yet as to whether I'll be buying it. It has a really strong, fast take-up, which makes it good for plying but for newbie learning, not so much. Also, I figured out right away that I like a double treadle wheel better.

This afternoon on my travels, I stopped at Woodland WoolWorks, and picked up a no-frills drop spindle for $6. I did go upstairs and visit the spinning wheels; however, I think I'll be playing with the drop spindle for a while, until my brain can wrap around what to do with my hands when trying to spin!

Pre-draft. That's the key to getting finer, more even yarn as a new spinner.
If I can figure it out, I know you can, you super fiber genius.
Omigawd how cute is that cat!?!? Your yarn looks perfect to me!!
I think spindling is a good way to ease into spinning.
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