Wednesday, June 17, 2009


start your engines

Everything is just about ready to be loaded into the vehicle for tomorrow's trip to Black Sheep Gathering. Yesterday I dyed up some alpaca laceweight. It's almost dry and needs reskeining and labeling, then into the bin it goes. I was going to stick to plan and make only colors that are proven sellers--however, since art is driven by inspiration, my curiosity got the better of me and I did a skein in an "experimental" color--chartreuse. Swoon! It's subtle and complex, not day glo at all. If it doesn't sell down at Black Sheep, I'll bring it home with me and photograph it. I might even put it into my personal stash.

Various factors, not necessarily fiber festival prep, have made this a stressful week. One of the casualties is that I have a huge zit on my face! Yes, over 50 and still breaking out--whaddya know. Concealer and MAC makeup should help my outside appearance, but this is how I've been feeling on the inside.

I know that pleasant interaction with lots of fiber lovers over the next few days is going to help tremendously, though, and right now I'm doing OK. It just seems to take a while for my psyche to become clear of negativity and emotional upsets. Many friends are going to be there, including some that I haven't seen in a long time, and just thinking of that helps cheer me up.

I did the Facebook thing a couple of days ago and it's a blast! Don't know what took me so long. So many of my buddies are there, connecting with one another and chatting.

Not much else to say, except See ya! I'll be back next week with a full report.

look me up, girl!
Have a safe and prosperous journey! Wish I was coming along. :)
Have fun!!!
My new sunglasses are red, so your's must be the leopard print ones! Have fun! Hope you come home tired but rich! XO!
My fingers and toes are crossed that you do extremely well!!

P.S. I have cordially requested the pleasure of your friendship on Facebook! ;)
I'll make sure to find you!
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