Monday, June 15, 2009


I promised knitting

...and I'll deliver.

This is a net lace panel I'm working on, using Jojoland Cashmere laceweight in Cream. It's just a rectangle about 18" wide with garter stitch edges, and I got about 26" in length from one skein. I bought 2 skeins from All About Yarn. I asked for one extra skein to be reserved for me, and if they still have it next week I'll pick it up. The desired length for this piece is at least 60 inches, and I plan to add fringe. It's easy and fun--when I'm using really fine yarn, I like doing mesh lace patterns. They're mindless, and there's a lot less likelihood that I'll goof them up. It still happens, but less often than if I were doing, say, the Frost Flowers stitch pattern!

Once I finish this wrap, which is almost gossamer lightweight yet warm, I'm thinking about making a scarf version in this.

Karabella Merino Lace from Knit Knot Studio.

Besides projects using fancy LYS yarns, I've also been working on samples for the upcoming Black Sheep Gathering, Sock Summit and OFFF. The Earth Angel baby hat in garter rib now has a sweater to go with it--Elizabeth Zimmermann's February Baby Sweater. It's a bit "cropped" in length; I was running out of yarn. Kathleen's fine, 2-ply handspun from a small amount of Stitchjones merino roving in Earth Angel yielded enough for a baby set.

I know--the right sleeve looks wonky. Could it be an optical illusion caused by the color interplay? Just kidding. When we put it on display, maybe we can pin it somehow so it's not so obvious.

Even though I kept missing yarnovers while knitting, I still like the contrasting color bands.
WWKIP Day '09 - Hillsboro
What a great event that was! My friend Cindy aka Maxfun has some photos up on her blog. I had a lovely time and sold some goodies. Hope it becomes an annual event, and keeps growing.
I'll probably post once more before leaving for BSG. Can't believe it's almost time!

Gorgeous lace! The pattern reminds me a lot of the solomon knot/lovers knot stitch in crochet. The little baby set is so cute!
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