Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I can has strawberries?

Reason #342 why it's good to live in the Pacific Northwest: a fresh-picked Oregon strawberry orgy. Table for one, yo!

These are delicate, fragrant, sweet Hood strawberries, and best of all, they were grown less than 5 miles from my house. They don't need cream, sugar or honey. My favorite way to eat them is to hold them by the hulls and devour them whole, standing at the sink with juice dribbling down my chin. Sorry if that was more than you wanted to know!

Reports of all sorts

My forays into handspinning have been put on temporary hold while I make final preparations for Black Sheep Gathering. That means dyeing everything not nailed down, skeining, reskeining, labeling, printing patterns, organizing all samples and booth items...oi. I know it's all going to come together; it's just that this is the biggest event I've done in my semi-illustrious dyer career so far and I'm feeling a bit edgy, along with excited!

There is also a very cool event coming up right in my town of Hillsboro. This Saturday at 10 am, the Westside Wednesday arm of PDX KnitBloggers is holding a WWKiP (that's World Wide Knit in Public) event at Glenn and Viola Walters Cultural Center. Stitchjones will be there with bells on, you'll love me in bells. I might even be hawking a skein or two of hand dyed yarn; after all, ol' Stitch needs gas money for the trip to Eugene next week!

Non-fiber report: My brother is starting a blog! With a pseudonym and everything. He hasn't written anything yet. Most of his rants have varying degrees of political incorrectness, and as obnoxious as he can be at times, he understands that the Internet is forever. As Super Eggplant says about her brother, so I say about mine: "Don't encourage him."

All this smoke and mirrors is so you won't notice I don't have any knitting to blog about. Seems like I've been doing far too much knitting and not nearly enough finishing of projects, although this evening I did make headway towards completing a measly pair of socks.

I do have some pretty yarn to show you. Here is some alpaca laceweight, in a new color, "Quince Blossom".

I want strawberries now. And yes, OR strawberries are the best!
That's pretty much how we eat strawberries, too, but we don't need no silly sink!
Gorgeous yarn!!!! It looks so soft and inviting!
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