Friday, May 08, 2009


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I saw Rachel at knitting/spinning group the other night, and was able to give her this little cardi for her daughter who will be arriving next month! The details:

Pattern - Daisy baby cardigan from Knitty

Size - 0-3 months

Yarn - Merino/silk from Jenny of Bare Sheep Yarns , fingering weight in "Irish Luck"

Needles - Size 3

This was a hella fun knit! I made most of it while watching the Game Show Network with Michelle. Even found a chart for a shamrock and knit it into the front, how clever am I.

The FO's just don't quit! Teacher's Bombshell is all done. I washed it this morning and it's drying. The pic is still in the camera, so I'll post it next time.

My Wild and Crazy Imagination

Yesterday, Michelle and I both woke up headachey and felt lightheaded through the day. She was worse off than I was; she felt and looked sick and stayed home from school yesterday. We both felt worse last night, so I jumped to the (wrong, thankfully) conclusion that we had a carbon monoxide problem in our house. We have a gas furnace, water heater and fireplace. I called NW Natural about 10:30 last night. The least fun thing about this whole fiasco was having to wake Mr. Stitchjones, who goes to bed by 9 pm. While the operator at the gas company emergency line was telling me to open windows, get all people and animals out of the house and go to a neighbor's until they could send someone out, my poor hubby just stood there in a daze. In the end we put our coats on and waited out front, with the dogs in the back yard and the kittehs let out, since it looked like nobody was up on our block. A technician arrived within 15-20 minutes and checked out all our gas appliances with some doohickey, then told us everything was OK and we could go back in the house. As to why my daughter and I both felt lousy yesterday, I can only ascribe it to some sort of mystery virus! We both feel pretty much OK today.


This afternoon, Mr. Stitchjones and I are heading up to Tri Cities, Washington for Fiber With A Twist. I like this event's purpose: "to have fun while using fiber in unique ways". I have 8 gallon-size ziploc bags of brilliantly dyed alpaca fiber, which I purchased undyed from Lilly of the Valley Alpacas in Modesto, Calif. It was really nice white huacaya roving, but so loosely combed that it fell apart when I tried to dye it. So I ended up dyeing it in pieces and can sell it as sliver. By going to a couple of spin-ins, I've found that there are felters and crafters such as dollmakers in addition to spinners who attend these events, so hopefully my bagfuls of alpaca will sell!

Happy Mother's Day to all moms reading, and a wonderful weekend for everyone.

The merino-tencel roving arrived safe and sound, and it is gorgeous! When I pulled it out of the envelope, my husband exclaimed, "That's really beautiful!" (Which, by the way, is not what he said about my first attempt at hand painted roving.) I hope you do some more; it's really my favorite spinning fiber.

As for the carbon monoxide scare, good for you for checking. Several years ago, we were out and a sitter was with the kids, who were just babies. When we called to check in, she said one of the smoke alarms kept going off, but she couldn't figure out which one. About an hour later it occurred to us it could be the carbon monoxide detector, and we went home to check. Sure enough, it was. We called the gas company and they sent someone right out. We did in fact have a carbon monoxide leak, and if we hadn't called, I doubt any of us would have survived the night. Our youngest was only nine months old.
Glad you are okay and no gas leaks! Better to be safe than sorry! Next time if you think you have a gas leak, you can take some dish soap and rub it around your pipe joins and if you get bubbles, you know you have a leak! (Got that from a gas company employee who came out to check MIL's house)
Carbon Monoxide is bad because you can't smell it, at least with natural gas you get that sour smell.

Love the little cardi, so cute!
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