Thursday, May 21, 2009


notes from the microbe farm

Hey, all! I'm still alive, really. No matter what you may have heard. I just haven't had much that's blog-worthy, and in my case, "blog-worthy" means something I finished knitting. I do have happy news about the Bombshell for Ms. K, though. It fits great and she was delighted to receive it! For this knitter, that's all I could ever want. All's well that ends well.

Before I get to all things wool, I must tell you that I have one sick kid. She got the double whammy: strep and mono at the same time! With less than two weeks to go until the end of the school year and graduation. Fortunately, she decided long before that she didn't want to be in the commencement, she just wants to get her diploma and head on to college, but my poor lamb is feeling absolutely miserable. A week ago she was put on an antibiotic for strep but kept getting worse, so two days ago I took her to the doctor again. They did a blood draw and it's mono. She was put on a stronger antibiotic, which I hope is kicking the strep's ass, but it's hard to tell because she is so lethargic, occasionally feverish, can barely eat or talk, and generally feels like crap. So for the time being, Chickenlips is on chicken soup detail.

As a veteran parent, I know that illness happens no matter what else may be going on, but it does get complicated when the professional pendulum swings the other way. In my case, Stitchjones has gone from the brink of extinction to pretty darn active! I acquired a new wholesale client, the awesome online shop Knitty Noddy. Do check it out, I know you'll love it. They have HandMaiden and Fleece Artist! And soon, Stitchjones. With Black Sheep Gathering looming on the horizon, the biggest fiber event I've ever participated in, I've got my work cut out for me--but the part of me which remembers that dyeing is fun, is going "bring it on"! ;)

And Now For The Money Shot (yarn, that is)

I especially love creating new colorways--so here's one I did in superwash merino worsted. I was originally going to call it "Trailer Park Socialite", but decided that was a little too un-PC and changed it to "Denim Debutante".

Being a fan of the color green, I get my fix with dyeing sock yarn in "The Trees". So just for laughs, I made a couple with the last of my superwash merino worsted. These are spoken for, but no worries, I ordered more yarn today!

Gorgeous as usual!! Glad to hear the bombshell fit! I agree, there's nothing better than having someone really appreciate something you've made, you can't ask for any more.

Congrats on the new client! I know big things are coming your way!

Sorry to hear Michelle is sick! That Mono can really kick your butt! Hopefully she feels better soon!
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