Friday, May 29, 2009


Negative Nancies

(warning--rant follows. I had a different rant all planned, but this one just seems more appropriate right now.)

Hoo boy, what a week.

The part of me that's a news junkie has been resolutely ignoring the right-wing bashing of Judge Sotomayor, who has proven herself to be qualified as a Supreme Court Justice--I mean come on, Lardmouth Limbaugh and his ilk! Enough already! Repeated ad nauseum on the news is the incorrect paraphrase of a statement she made some time ago. Say it with me: the Judge did NOT say a Latina woman would make a better decision than a white man because of her cultural experiences and race. What she said, in effect, was that she knew she would have to set aside those parts of her personality in order to view a case from all sides and reach the best possible ruling.

I've also been watching the developments with North Korea. Lil' Kim and his minions are up to their old saber-rattling, no doubt in part to distract the poor wretched people in that country from how miserable life is for them. A way of keeping the people in line--as if a starving population were in any position to rise up against an oppressive regime. Who knows, maybe there are plans in Pyongyang to invade South Korea soon, more than likely it's just bluster. I think the US defense secretary's response makes sense, issuing warnings, putting US forces in the region on full alert but not assembling ground forces. Let's face it, our response has to be cautious, what with so many troops already committed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hopefully they're listening to the advice of Vizzini, the Sicilian villain from The Princess Bride, who said: "Never get involved in a land war in Asia".

Still sound advice.

Now I know you must be wondering how all this hard news and political spouting off ties in with the subject matter of a knitting blog. Relax; I'm way ahead of you. I've been watching the Sock Summit buzz on Ravelry and the blogs of Yarn Harlot, Blue Moon and fellow knitters, and it's distressing that the amazing coordinators of Sock Summit are receiving horrible emails from certain disgruntled people because they couldn't register for classes they wanted. Well, Chickenlips/Stitchjones' policy is simple and basic: it isn't necessary to be nice to nasty people. And so, to all gainsayers of everything the current administration does, to Kim Jong-Il, and to you handful of jerks who don't have the social skills of the average two-year-old, I have this to say:

Mom/Wife = No Life?

On a lighter note, I've developed something of a celebrity crush, on one Russell Brand, who was in the movie "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" which I have yet to see; he did a stand-up comedy show in New York which I caught on TV, and he's wickedly funny as well as dead-sexy. Just to keep things loosey-goosey, I put this picture up as my wallpaper.

Which proved to be a big mistake, given my hypercritical family.

Michelle: "Mom, that's disgusting!"

Mr. Stitchjones: "Why do you have pr0nographic wallpaper?"


So now my wallpaper is this:

Cute, adorable, fluffy bunny rabbits. Something to which nobody could possibly have any objection.

Unless, of course, you're with PETA...

I object to the bunny background - it's way too much cuteness for me! It hurts my eyes that they are being so cute!
What flutter said.
I think Russell Brand is pretty hot, too! I'm not sure why, but I just saw him in Bedtime Stories and he totally stole the show!
Maybe apply the same response as the pic just above Russel to those who didn't like your wallpaper? Just a thought...
You should see "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", he's the funniest part of that movie...(sure, some could argue that's not saying much...it's a renter for sure.)

What's all this palaver about the sock summit? Can't everyone just get along for once?
I want the soldier picture for my wallpaper. Except I have kids, and that wouldn't be a good example. Would it?
Don't bunnies have a reputation for a profusion of sexual behavior?
HA... I think one could say the bunnies are a bit pornagraphic, no? ;) ::snort::
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