Monday, May 04, 2009


made in the shade

It's been a while since I put up some "freshly dyed" pics, so here are a few highlights. Top to bottom: Alpaca Lace in Wild Iris, Alpaca Lace in Sage, Merino roving in Cloud Nine, and Merino-Tencel roving in Juniper. Yarnhog mentioned she was looking for merino/tencel fiber. I had never worked with it before, so I bought just a taste from Paradise Fibers when we were up in Spokane. Ooo, shiny! I'll definitely be getting more in the coming weeks. All are available here.
Must return to the vats--hey, makes me sound like a brewmeistress! ;) --just wanted to flash some pretty colors at ya, and also to let you know what's coming up from Stitchjones:
-More BFL roving in "Bollywood"
-The "next generation" of Glam Sock!
as they say, "stay tuned"...

Here's a plug for that sage! As soon as I learn to knit with fiber that skinny I'm going to have something beautiful.

p.s. that daffydill is like buttah! It's one of the most favorite yarns I've knit with in quite some time.
That Wild Iris is just too yummy! It makes me want to find a project so that I can justify buying it. Outrageously reasonable price!
Oh, I am so not happy! I immediately clicked over to order your merino/tencel, but there was only one left, and I wanted two! (Okay, okay, so I'm greedy.) How 'bout giving me a little private heads up next time? ;)

All the yarns and fibers look fantastic!
Ha! I clicked back to etsy just to see if anything had changed, and I was able to add both braids to my to cart! I hope etsy is correct; I can't wait to see that gorgeous fiber in person. :)
So pretty!! Love the Wild Iris and the Sage!!
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