Friday, May 01, 2009


I feel like Goldilocks.

Ahhh. Got home yesterday. As I get older, I notice more and more how much I appreciate the simple things, like my own bed, and perhaps this is an overshare, but my own bathroom! I'm now back among the things that feel "just right".

Thank you so much for the condolences. Your caring meant a great deal to me and helped me through a difficult time. The past week has been an ordeal, without a doubt. Jason and his mom are doing about as well as one can expect. Somehow I managed not to assassinate my brother-in-law, who was at his most obnoxious early on. I wrote a poison-pen letter that I stuffed in my purse, so if I should get hit by a bus or something, my true feelings for the scuzbucket will be revealed, but I'll have shuffled off this mortal coil so it won't much matter. I also found this website, Just Rage, that is a great cyberspace dumping ground for anger. Warning--don't visit the site if you don't like frequent use of the F-word! I have to admit, I became pretty desperate for coping mechanisms over the past week. So there was the poison pen, the website, and oh yeah, I ate lots of chocolate. I still feel like a slug, it could be emotional exhaustion...but is probably the chocolate.

I did lots of knitting on various and sundry projects...and haven't finished a one, except for a nifty thing that still needs to remain secret. Hopefully next week I can post the pics. I also broke ground on my very first sweater design! Whatever the chocolate binge didn't fix, the endorphins from the creative rush must be helping, because I instantly feel more positive when focusing on yarn and the beautiful things that can be made from it.

Well my dumplings, I'll be off now to knit a few rows, so that I can finish a thing or two and have show and tell, not just tell.

Glad you are home safe! I know what you mean about appreciating the little things about your own place!

Can't wait to see what you've got cooking on your needles!
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