Sunday, May 24, 2009


FO: Harbourside Shell

Finished and blocked, my first original top design: the Harbourside Shell.
The eyelet pattern around the lower portion reminded me of the view from here, which is why I used the Anglicized spelling of the word "harbor". I was fortunate enough to accompany Mr. Stitchjones on a President's Circle trip to Sydney in 2001, before the high tech boom abruptly ended, and we even participated in a "regatta". Intrepid (read: those top software sales performers who don't want to look like a wuss to their co-workers) types were boarded onto yachts, and an amiable chap who appeared to step right out of Crocodile Dundee gave us sailing instructions for an actual race on Sydney Harbour. Which was windy, choppy, and freaking dangerous! Having no sea legs whatsoever, when the boat listed terrifyingly to one side, I grabbed Jason by the tighty-whities and held on for dear life. They actually had to take me back to shore after that.
But I'm digressing from a finished knit that, with a few hiccups, I truly love. Let me tell you all about it.
-Yarn: Rowan Wool Cotton in Lavender (Rowan has the most bizarre names for their colors!) 8 balls
-Needles: US 5, 24" circular
-Length from lower edge to armhole: 17.5"
-Size: 3x
In all honesty, this design is a hybrid of two different patterns, one of them being the top half of Cherry Bomb minus short row shaping, and the distinctive eyelet pattern which I found in a Japanese book of 300 knitting stitch patterns. I did one full pattern repeat before beginning the shaping, and knit in the round rather than flat as Cherry Bomb is made. I also altered the number and row count interval of paired decreases and increases, and extended the length a good 2 1/2 inches, as I like my tops to go past the belly! At least I got that right this time, deciding that if I was going to start free-styling I would do what I think looks best for my body, not the designer.

This was my first time working with Rowan Wool Cotton, but it won't be the last. It's soft, lightweight, has great stitch definition and behaves better than Calmer, at least I think it does. So even though I probably should have used a smaller needle to do the garter stitch borders, and fudged the neckline a bit because my bra still shows, all in all I'm pleased.

Hell, you've seen me in my bathroom before, so I don't think you'll mind the obligatory mirror shot. I'm holding in my stomach for all I'm worth.

I didn't write up an actual pattern, but I plan to put this up on Ravelry. If there are any requests for a pattern, then I'll write it out.

I love it! And it looks great on you.

How's Michelle feeling?
OMG what a beautiful pattern!! It is too gorgeous for words! I love the little lacy pattern.
Kiki, Tammy, thanks! I'm going to wear this one a lot.

Michelle's doing much better. The antibiotic seems to be helping. She needs to stay home another couple of weeks, which is right to the end of her school year. Good thing she has A's in both classes, so she will graduate!
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