Sunday, May 10, 2009


Another one bites the dust

Ms. K's Bombshell sweater, pre- and post-blocking. The actual color is best shown in photo #1.


Pattern: Bombshell, by Stefanie Japel, from the first Big Girl Knits book

Yarn: Berroco Comfort, 4.5 balls

Needles: 24" circs, US 8 and US 3

Size made: 1.5 x (approx. 46")

Wish I had a model! It's hard to photograph a sweater like this. When I put it on a hanger, it looked like a shapeless blob; yet laying it out flat gave me a difficult angle for picture taking. Unfortunately, the sweater isn't the right size for me or the right shape for Michelle. I'm praying that the garment will fit its intended recipient, Michelle's teacher. It was a gamble, trying to make a shaped and fitted top for someone without any opportunity for fittings, but Ms. K is worth it and I just relied on the accuracy of my daughter's descriptions for shape and size.

More than half done is my first attempt at designing a top. It doesn't look like anything much yet, so I don't want to take pictures until it's done, but a lot of it is a mindless knit (stockinette in the round) and I cranked on it all the way home from Tri-Cities yesterday and most of today. It being Mother's Day, I didn't have to do a dang thing but eat strawberry waffles and chicken quesadillas that my family made! Fabulous. That was really all I wanted, anyway.

Yesterday's outing got off to a rather frantic, disorganized start, but turned out okay. We arrived at the Richland community center at about 9:00 am, an hour before the event was to begin so that we could set up, only to find out that we couldn't get in until 10:00. The organizer insisted that she notified all the vendors of the time change by email; perhaps she did, but nobody got it! So it was a mad scramble to get everything set up once the anal retentives who run the community center finally deigned to let us in, and the space was small so the vendors were crammed up against the walls to allow room for the spinning circle. The other thing was that the community center is adjacent to a park along the Columbia River, and a huge Komen For The Cure walk/run event was happening at the same time, which took up all the parking until about 12:00 noon. Finally, though, we set up our space as best we could, the sea of pink T-shirts dispersed, and while I didn't sell any yarn, I did sell about half a bin of fiber! I came home happy to have some cash, because now I can scour the interwebz for good prices on undyed fiber to prepare for Black Sheep Gathering.

Speaking of which, it's now time for me to be dyeing in earnest!

So pretty and I love the colour! I knew you'd finish in time! Lucky teacher. I love that pattern, finished one for myself about a month ago and I just love wearing it!
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