Monday, April 06, 2009



Destash on sale now at my Etsy shop--3 hanks Malabrigo kettle dyed worsted! I stocked up last fall when one of my favorite LYS got their new shipment, because I was going to make a sweater. Well, duh--
I don't usually wear sweaters, I get too warm! Since I made the shawl with the first 3 hanks, I'm thinking I probably won't use this for anything, so have at it, folks. All 3 for just $28.

In other bloggy news...I disabled the blog's playlist. While it's all music I enjoy, I got a dose of reality when at a friend's house. We were at her computer and pulled up my blog--and the music suddenly started blasting. I don't usually have my speakers on, but many folks do when online, so I apologize if you've been annoyed by a sudden jolt of power chords--I realize that my music isn't everyone's cup of Darjeeling!

Last night I had a dye session into the wee hours. I came up with experimental colorways and am planning more for an upcoming sock club project. No, not Stitchjones' sock club, although hopefully we'll do that at some point!
Just popping up like a whack-a-mole, not much else to report. Yesterday was such a beautiful, warm, sunny day that DD and I went to my brother's house, hung out on the deck and got some sun. It's lovely here today too; I may sit outside with some knitting! Hope spring brings you the good feelings it's supposed to, wherever you may be.

I love that color! Beautiful!
Love the yarn! (of course not as much as I love your stuff!)

I don't keep the speakers on either, so I never noticed your music before, not to worry!! Besides, I'd probably like it if they were on anyway ;)
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