Tuesday, April 14, 2009


new sock pattern!

My pictures suck as usual, but anyway, here's a "little pink sock" I dreamed up! They're called "Carole's Socks" and the pattern is here (Ravelry link). In a futile attempt to use up my sock yarn stash, I made these out of Shibui, but wouldn't they look fab in just about any color of Stitchjones? Nudge, nudge.

The highlights: the eyelet pattern is Cloverleaf Eyelet from Barbara Walker's stitch pattern Bible. Since it's a top-down sock, the pattern is inverted which I thought was kind of cool. Ace sock knitters can do it toe-up and have the pattern come out right side up. And I fudged the math, so there is a slight jog to the pattern at the back of the sock, where I guaran-damn-tee only the most persnickety of sock knitters is gonna look when you have these on! OK, if you want perfection, buy Cookie A.'s new book--but if you like this, consider downloading a copy and help a broke sista out.

I'm not gonna sugar coat it; Stitch needs some revenue enhancement. Paying for vendor space for upcoming fiber events has left me tapped out. My sales have been so agonizingly slow for the past month that I actually had to ask my sweet elderly mom for a temporary loan! It was something I would rather stab myself in the jugular with a fork than have to do, but it came down to saving Stitchjones. I'm proud of the business I've spent the last 18 months building, and this shitty economy be damned, I am not going to go gentle into any good night! What else would I do if I could no longer dye yarn and fiber? Even if my family are the only ones who still believe in me, I'm gonna suck it up, keep going and do whatever I have to do to be successful at this game. I can feel tears behind my eyes as I write this, but my mom didn't hesitate to send me a check, with a little note that said "Good luck at the fair". Just so you know, my vendor spaces at the big shows will be dedicated to Shirley Fletcher!

Moms are the best. I love mine, and only appreciate her more as I get older.

We have faith in you Sharon! You're going to do fantastic at these upcoming events. Your sock yarn is up next for one of my queued projects - a gift for a semi-niece (really a cousin-in-law's daughter but just easier to call her a 'niece') so there will be a stylin' little girl out there wearing your stuff in the near future.

Cool sock pattern too!
Yay, Mom, and yay for you, too! The pattern is sweet, and your yarns are lovely. See you at Sock Summit, if not before.
Beautiful pattern, Sharon! Hang in there!
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