Friday, April 03, 2009


make mine Malabrigo

Quite done: the Simple Yet Effective shawl, using just shy of 3 hanks Malabrigo Kettle Dyed Worsted in "Brillante". I wore it all day yesterday while I was out and about, and although it's lightweight, it kept me comfortably warm on one of those half rainy-half sunny spring days here in Portland.

I've been making the LYS circuit, catching up on visiting my customers, taking and/or filling reorders to keep Stitchjones colors on the needles of PDX knitters! Today I spent some time hanging out with Tami at All About Yarn. Among the colorways of Titanium Sock I delivered to the shop--which has a new Malabrigo shipment, BTW-- is "Anjelica", a Tribute Merino DK colorway that translated well to fingering weight yarn.

For the last two weeks of March, my business rather languished, and that always gives me the heebie jeebies. I know the yarn biz is seasonal and cyclical, and spotty rather than steady--my business is a freakin Scud missile, for crissakes! Either the dyepots are quiet and I'm about to revive my stalled design career (ha), or I've got almost more than I can handle. Today, however, is the first time I've had both situations in the same day! You see, I just found out that I made the vendor list for Black Sheep Gathering in late June, so I've been going "squee" and phoning and emailing absolutely everybody--then right after that, I found out I have a potential opportunity to break into the Bay Area yarn and fiber market! I mean, could you die?! I can't reveal more than that right now, but as the details unfold I'll share them.

Since I'm always looking for unique ways to begin and end my blog posts, the remainder of this post will be written in French.

(Very bad French.)

C'est tout, mes amies!

Amour toujours,

Les levres de poulet

It was great visiting with you today! The mal sock came home with me - I couldn't resist that purple. My bad!

Congratulations on all your good news!

We love you too!

(really the verification word is 'sychyo' - is it trying to imply I'm crazy? I don't think blogger really knows me well enough to decide that does it?)
"Les levres de poulet" ROFL, you crack me up!

Congrats on all your fab news! Doesn't surprise me one bit! ;)
If you like I can lend you my scarf for display purposes. What better way to show off what can be done with your roving.
That's sweet of you to offer, Duffy! You totally rock that scarf, too. I may take you up on it for BSG--we'll put it under heavy guard to make sure it doesn't disappear!
Beautiful shawl! Mmmm Malabrigo
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