Monday, March 23, 2009


wake me when spring break's over

Lordy...the first official day of Spring Break here at the Chickenlips ranch, and all we got is cold, rainy, mizerable weather and bored teenagers. Haven't checked the weather forecast yet, I just hope we aren't in for a week's worth of the same! This being N.W. Oregon, though, we probably are.

Lest pessimism rule the day, I have some knitting to show you. I've said this before, and I've gotta say it again. If you want to see the work of a gal who can knit the pants off just about anybody I know--yes, even herself--check out Yarnhog's blog. She's putting on a FO fashion show this week, and her knits are dazzling. Still and all, here's what I made.

The puppy hoodie is done.

Please do not look at the messy hand stitching of the zipper. Oops, too late. I did secure it along the edges too, and that stitching doesn't show, but by this point I'd had enough of hand sewing and just wanted the flippin' thing done. It's not like Winston is gonna care, and if it were a hooman garment of course I would sew in the zipper much more neatly!

Found the pattern in a book I received in a swap. It's called "Posh Pooches" and was published by some doggie boutique in SoHo called Trixie & Peanut. The pattern is fraught with errata, so after I got over those major hurdles early on, the rest of the project was a breeze. I used a skein of my own hand dyed BFL worsted and ran out just a few rows before the hood was finished. Fortunately I had a close color on hand in a worsted alpaca-merino, so no harm no foul. The I-cord tie is made from Beachside organic cotton.

Haven't had the opportunity to see the pup in his jacket yet, but his owner had cute fits when she came over last night and we gave her the garment. It's meant to be oversize--I hope the little guy isn't swimming in it. The good news is that he's only four months old and will grow into it.

There is also a sock.

I love the colors of this yarn, so here's a closeup, as the first pic makes the colors look washed out.

The colorway is "Coral Reef" and I purchased it last fall from Whimzy Pinzy Creations on Etsy. For sock knitting, I'm in love with seed rib. It always looks so classy! It's 66 stitches on size 1's. The sock fits snugly enough so that the short, rolled cuff should stay put.

This week is mostly tying up loose ends, such as taking the car in to have parts replaced (warranty work, thank the gods and goddesses,) and getting ready to go up to Spokane and Coeur d'Alene, ID this weekend. Saturday is the Log Cabin Spinners Spin-In, and Stitchjones will be doing the vendor thing and working the room. Before we leave, I'll blog and give you a preview of my new and improved vendor space!

that hoodie is so freakin cute, I can't stand it!
Pretty socks! Do we get to see Winston modeling his new duds? I'm sure he's a stylin' pup now!
OMG that hoodie is the cutest thing ever!! Winston will be dashing in it, I'm sure! I also love your sock, it shows off the colours very well!
OMG. I need that hoodie. Or rather, Jack and Lola need hoodies. In fact, I think I have that book. My little sister gave it to me (or maybe she gave it to Jack?) last year. Once I figure out where the heck I packed it, I'll need to make some puppy clothes. Jack is due for a new sweater anyway. His other one is getting icky.

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